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Zu Feng Wang Ziwen "double line" reputation ratings both won praise – three home entertainment entertainment Sohu Sohu "double", "double" hedgehog warm couple daily — happy yesterday, produced by the famous producer Yang Li, Zu Feng, Wang Ziwen co starred in the spy "double" big emotional drama was broadcast in Jiangsu happy TV theater. Zu Feng and Wang Ziwen couple CP has been highly concerned about the outside world, the launch date of the ratings soared, more popular network topic is topped shock?. Premiered on the same day is getting more users have points like "veteran" who is full of her routine. The appearance of Zu Feng staged a uniform temptation bullet loving couple sugar crisp to all broadcast last night, "double" the first episode, Peng Gang (Zu Feng ornaments) dressed in uniforms, wearing sunglasses and sitting in the car on the handsome figure attracted many fans. As one of the most outstanding China strength actor, Zu Feng played a classic role, especially the "hidden" of Li Ya and "Peking no war" in Cui uncle is even more popular, compared to other roles of the single, "double" in Peng Gang is a latent in the National Party of the Communist Party walk in Sichuan, several forces in Peng Gang steady, careful and strategy, get the trust and appreciation, the boss father-in-law. The Peng Gang Zu Feng superb acting under represented full, vivid, netizens praise "is worthy of Zu Feng greatly, the acting is not to say." Zu Feng Peng Gang played not only in work, to his wife Wu Peixin in life (Prince gloze) is more gentle and considerate, thoughtful care. In order to get angry wife, personally cook to make amends, invited his wife’s bestie when lobbyists, couples this heart warming and bullet smoke anger of married life has aroused widespread sympathy of friends, message is called "a little by such a warm heart to daily crisp". Zu Feng’s career in big scale a bullet strung fuqiqing Zu Feng has said that he is in the entertainment circle begging, but he is not mixed with entertainment, this sentence accurate interpretation of the entertainment of the "veteran" is a low-key person. However, in the "double" Zu Feng has staged his acting career in the largest scale lens. In tonight’s "double" in Zu Feng and Wang Ziwen after a warm bath after the confession, will be staged a passionate chuangxi. At the same time to explain to the audience, Peng Gangpeixin’s husband and wife fate comes from a bullet, they passed through the baptism of life and death before they get a happy life. However, just love Hong Ling Peng (Xiao Jing ornaments) seems to come home to break the calm, Fengyuyulai mountain full floor, facing the first bullet just return to Peng, the couple will have what reaction? Peng Gang and how to deal with? Lock Jiangsu TV happy theater tonight, wonderful not to be missed.相关的主题文章: