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Zhejiang Wenzhou fire brigade rescued pregnant women wading 600 m – the new network: Jinhua detachment of soldiers armed with rubber boats, transfer the trapped man. Should a small peak photo Beijing September 29 Hangzhou Xinhua (trainee reporter correspondent Wang Gang Chen Jie Luo Chao) the 17 typhoon "catfish" menacing, affected by the 29 Zhejiang province more than raging winds, heavy rain. Floods, mudslides, landslides and other natural disasters occur one after another, not only a serious threat to the lives and property safety of trapped people, but also affects the hearts of countless people. The typhoon brought rain mixed with a lot of chill, but occurred in the typhoon and the confrontation in the heart warming story has touched people rescue. Wenzhou is located in the south of Zhejiang, the most obvious typhoon. As of now, Wenzhou city a total of 587 thousand and 200 people were affected, tolls direct economic losses of 1 billion 229 million yuan. Southern Wenzhou hit, Taishun, Wencheng, Ruian and other places of the site a few days to reach 500 mm of rainfall. The 29 day, at this moment Ruian Gaolou It’s raining and blowing hard., a broken amniotic fluid of pregnant women about to give birth, but she was besieged by the flood, the family can not be sent to the hospital. In this critical moment, Mayu town fire squadron quickly dispatched officers and soldiers rushed to the scene, because some sections of the water depth, the fire brigade had to take the boats and paddled. At 16:30 in the afternoon, after nearly two hours of intense relief, pregnant women in labor was finally sent to the ambulance, the relay of life. At the same time, continuous rainfall led to the flooded streets in Cangnan, a local high school has more than 1600 teachers and students trapped. The order is dangerous, after receiving the news of Wenzhou armed police detachment of soldiers rushed to the scene the first time, the trapped students with assault boats to batch transfer, after 7 hours of continuous fighting, all the trapped students were successfully transferred. In Pingyang, continuous heavy rainfall to local waterlogging water level was rising at 29 am 2, Jinhua people’s Armed Police Detachment dispatched more than 200 soldiers, 15 vehicles rushed to the disaster relief in Pingyang. At 16 PM, with an average depth of over 1.4 meters under the bridge Pingyang village, two people suffer from floods in jeopardy, the villagers received distress, police officers and soldiers quickly find the old man, and they were transferred to safe areas. At the same time, at the head of the town of Pingyang, a pregnant woman in the home delivery, but can not cut the umbilical cord to the birth of a child, the mother’s safety, the local police station, Chen Wei Zheng Zhengshuang and the scouts in the rain and sailed for the local hospital doctors and nurses. Subsequently, the mother was taken to the hospital, mother and child are safe. Flood did not retreat, rescue more than, these warm heart rescue left behind will continue to move in people’s hearts. (end)相关的主题文章: