Zhejiang, Ningbo bulletin 8 violation of the spirit of the central provisions of the typical problem ratatouille

Zhejiang Ningbo bulletin 8 from the violation of the central eight provisions of the spirit of the typical problems of new network – xinhuanet.com September 18th new Ningbo media news (reporter Qiu Lihua) Zhejiang Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision department 18, Ningbo announced 8 cases of violation of the central provisions of the spirit of eight typical problems. Haishu District Station comprehensive management office party secretary and director Chen Hui illegal use of the bus, violation official reception problems. Chen Hui 7 times for private use of the unit and the office of law enforcement vehicles, the implementation of the reform of public service vehicles from South Station IMIS since Chen Hui many times the illegal use of the law enforcement vehicles for other general public activities. In addition, Chen Hui also agreed to subordinates through inflated fee for cash reimbursement for 4160 yuan, before the official reception super standard reception fee, the actual reimbursement of 2010 yuan Chen hui. In May 2016, Haishu District Commission for Discipline Inspection, Chen Hui decided to give the party a serious warning, and return the illegal reimbursement and Gongjusiyong costs totaling 4010 yuan. Qiangjiao town Ninghai county Party committee, Minister Jiang Qijing violations make arrangements for the banquet problem. Jiang Qijing to the new house on the grounds, two times for a banquet, invite relatives and friends and former colleagues in total, non pro personnel accepting gifts 31900 yuan. In July 2016, Ninghai County Commission for Discipline Inspection, decided to give Jiang Qijing party warning, illegal income 31900 yuan to be recovered and turned over to the state treasury. Zhenhai District Health Authority director Hu and illegal public funds, illegal organization of public funds tourism. Hu Zhenghe "created by falsifying the tableware disinfection collective demonstration enterprise training conference", taking conference has 6 times the total funds 18600 yuan, all for the public funds. In addition, Hu is also illegal approval of the district health authority Huang Moumou, Yu Moumou 2 people in the name of training in Xiamen, Guilin and other places of public funds to travel, travel expenses of all units in the reimbursement of $10110. In May 2016, Zhenhai District Supervision Bureau decided to give Hu and administrative warning, discipline and money totaling 28710 yuan has been recovered and turned over to the state treasury. Beilun District Funeral Management (reservoir immigration office) responsible for the construction of light violation payment benefits, illegal accepting gifts. Yu Jianguang agreed to subordinate or instruction form through the cost accounting, false invoices and other illegal taking of funds 39745 yuan, of which 22601 yuan little Treasuries, for staff welfare, vehicle violation fines and catering expenses. In addition, in order to build light also public funds entertain private guests, illegal gifts received. In April 2016, Beilun District Supervision Bureau decided to give the light administrative demerit, and return the proceeds of discipline. Yuyao city huangjiabu comprehensive market service center illegal organization of public funds tourism. Yuyao city huangjiabu comprehensive market service center unauthorized organization of the market 9 management staff, two batches to travel to Thailand, where 3 people can not travel by private cash subsidies. This part of the cost of travel and travel staff did not travel a total of 24000 yuan of cash subsidies in the market economy. In July 2016, huangjiabu Party committee decided to give the Yuyao City Center branch secretary, director Qi Wenjie party a serious warning, discipline $24000 restitution. Xiangshan County town government cadres Huang Yongjiu violation.相关的主题文章: