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Zhao Benshan disciple Zhang Xiaoguang played "Ma Dashuai" died two cattle – Sohu entertainment actor Zhang Xiaoguang   Sohu   entertainment news; September 21st at noon, a netizen Zhao Benshan disciple Zhang Xiaoguang died in a car accident, then, according to media actor Jin Yan Zhang Xiaoguang confirmed the rumors of death issued. Zhang Xiaoguang profile, Zhang Xiaoguang, male, Han nationality, born in September 8, 1970, Liaoning County, Liaoyang. The famous actor, very respected Master Mr. Zhao Benshan, is in place very down to earth in the creation of the show, loved by the audience. In the TV series "Ma Dashuai I II III" play "two cattle". In the TV series "Ma Dashuai I II III" play "two cattle", in the TV series "celebrity" play "big country ladle". TV drama Ma Dashuai in Ma Dashuai of hobo two cattle (Zhao Benshan like a bitter enemy of Zhang Xiaoguang says), funny. Zhang Xiaoguang is now the Liaoning folk art troupe actor, don’t see him in the play quite insane, in fact, as an actor in his life, but the big stuff. Talking about the past, Zhang Xiaoguang voice low: my hometown in Heilongjiang, because the family is poor, a teenager came home from Liaoning." He began to practice with the master from the age of 10, one is 14 years. 3 years as a Peking Opera students, then switch to [1] in 2005 and, on the stage of hard work for 22 years, has settled in Shenyang. Just play in er’renzhuan water Zhang Xiaoguang Yang Jinhua’s filial piety is about twenty Chinese ancient period of filial filial piety story, including: 01 Xiaogan 02 days to taste for 03 gnawing means sad Barry negative 05 meters 04 Lu Yi Shun mother 06 deer milk Bong Pro 07 play…… The main partner of small peony, whose real name is Zhang Junming, female, born in November 1, 1965, native of Liaoyang County of Liaoning province. The 2010 Movie "quack" played the quack laugh. TV drama "Ma Dashuai I II III" as "two cattle". 2012 "love Serenade" as the hotel owner. 2012 "cherry" playing dumb. 2012 "cherry red" play rich. 2013 "village" as "celebrity big ladle".   相关的主题文章: