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Zhang Yishan took "getaway" fee may have been an actor "Duolu" set file release + Zhang Yishan: in my mind the most sexy Yang Zi Tencent (the entertainment news video of Zhao Zhenzong Wang Dong) in August 30th, the movie "getaway" held fixed gear conference in Beijing, director Wu Zhang Yishan, Huang Yue, a Forest Lord Fang Chengcheng, as well as the theme of Zhou Xiaowei song singer Xu Xian, Cui Zige, sun Boguan full debut. In the conference, starring Zhang Yishan more bluntly said, he took the film to reduce the fee, "I hope this film can make us such a young audience after reading, understanding." The film tells the story of "getaway" rich two generations have neither learning nor skill (Zhou Xiaoyi Zhang Yishan) after his father’s death, and a friend (He Yunwei ornaments) experiences together into a "space exchange", in the adventure, Zhou Xiaoyi grew up, at the same time also gradually understand our responsibility and obligation. On the day of the press conference, the most concerned about today is undoubtedly a small actor Zhang Yishan. According to Zhang Yishan himself, this is the first time he starred in costume films, but also one of the few plays the role of emotional drama. "My costumes although not much handsome, but I feel very ‘strange’ watch." Zhang Yishan laughs. Zhang Yishan is also the scene revealed that the movie is to reduce their fee of the film, the reason lies in being touched by the movie theme. "Because the film is not only good, but also full of positive energy." Zhang Yishan said, in fact, every movie, regardless of the box office is good or bad, can have a good theme is the most important, but in fact, this film is not much. But this movie is just a good theme, so I am willing to take down fee, also hope to 90 young audience watching us after the movie can be obtained, even if it is a little bit." In addition, Zhang Yishan also for his acting now more and more people have recognized the expression of gratitude, and admits his future is always desire to be an actor, "play more good role, so I love the people happy, I think it is enough." It is reported that the film "getaway" will be officially released in September 14th.相关的主题文章: