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Zhang Yimou secret G20 show behind the scenes: insist that it is the creation of – media – people.com.cn original title in despair: Zhang Yimou: persist in despair, this is a creation in September 4th, directed by Zhang Yimou G20 summit "theatrical performances best memories in Hangzhou" in Hangzhou West Lake shock "bloom". The combination of Chinese and Western culture, a quality suggestive of poetry or painting pictures of the wonderful performances, not only the Chinese people more stunning, stunning the world. In this time of half a year of preparation, the difficulty comparable to the Olympics performances over second days, Zhang Yimou nonstop from Hangzhou to Beijing to film "the Great Wall", and the first time accepted an exclusive interview with the Guangzhou daily reporter. Talking about the various difficulties behind this wonderful show, Zhang Yimou said: "in the persistence of despair, this is the creation." Preparation: take a year and a half, pushing down is the norm, most of the Hangzhou is amazing staged, not only in the domestic circle of friends brush the screen, but also to the guests from all over the world to enjoy the feast of culture plus. However, behind this is carrying the hardships of the Zhang Yimou team. When receiving the task, Zhang Yimou’s film "the Great Wall" project has been launched, which allows him to both sides. For some time to prepare for the film abroad, Zhang Yimou had a free time with the party team conference call, sometimes a dozen hours, the phone is not hot. The whole Party’s work in a year and a half after the completion of all the time: the year before the main creative ideas, during the film, as long as there is a free time to open the creative will not dare to burnout for a moment. In the latter half of the year is focused on the production, synthesis, rehearsal and other work." Talking about the biggest difficulties in the preparation process, Zhang Yimou admitted that countless times to push down again". How to make this literary and artistic party to have both the taste of China, showing China’s cultural self-confidence, but also to communicate the common feelings of all mankind? Zhang Yimou team is one of the problems to be faced. Finally, he decided to give the party and content of the adjustment to the ratio of 3:1, both "moonlit night", "Butterfly Lovers", a large number of full of national features and performance, but also the "Swan Lake", "Ode to joy" the classical western literary works. "Chinese style, world peace, this is the purpose." Zhang Yimou said. Just 50 minutes show only 9 programs, means that some ideas must be abandoned, for a creator, is difficult and it is cruel to make such a choice. But Zhang Yimou has long been accustomed to this: This is the creation of the demolition is the norm, obey the overall situation is normal." Burst: show when the world began to rain, a canopy is drastic although the United States decided to act on the lake, but the difficulty is as can be imagined. According to reports, the entire evening light is lamplight has prepared more than two months time, material selection, stage lighting has replaced rain lights and lights are the highest water level imaging. And all the details of the party have been strictly controlled, even to be the best singer sound effects in heavy moisture in Hangzhou West Lake with a wireless or wired microphone can, have been batted. For this performance, Zhang Yimou think the biggest highlight is its artistic conception, choreography, show from actors to fireworks)相关的主题文章: