Zhang Xinyu said Fan Bingbing did not pull the speculation why again be laughed at vy canis majoris

Zhang Xinyu said Fan Bingbing did not pull the speculation why again be laughed at? The Sina entertainment column boiled fat Luo Jun, Zhang Xinyu anger, face a time stepping on speculation tied Fan Bingbing accused, she finally denied micro-blog bundled hype, but it did not washed for himself, but was laughed at more overwhelming users. Recently, Zhang Xinyu at the Paris fashion week, other bold was accused of imitating Fan Bingbing. In October 7th, Zhang Xinyu micro-blog denied bundled speculation, she said he did not backer, has been trying to raise the value of their own, live with dignity, independence and freedom. And that the media every day to write news to nausea, this behavior has seriously affected her life. Micro-blog one, immediately triggered hot friends, although there are users behind, but there are still a large number of users a message to ridicule abuse, Zhang Xinyu a few hours after deleting the micro-blog, said it was her mom called education. These years Zhang Xinyu’s clothing products, it is a capital, a beautiful otherworldly, sometimes spicy eyes did not stop. More complicated, about her bundled hype Fan Bingbing mystery, although one is Li Chen’s girlfriend, Li Chen is a former girlfriend, netizens tongue inevitably cause, but the coincidences and often frustrating not think Weakness lends wings to rumours. sound. In fact, apart from questioning the speculation about Zhang Xinyu bound, public opinion has been over, and Zhang Xinyu face questioning cynical, always seem to come back out, tongue and struggle between her and her friends, seems to have become fixed line entertainment headlines, every other period of time, there will be a headline output new. But this is a long life, people have to be more beautiful, more headlines, always carry a heavy armor equipment, not only has not really convinced people to eat melon and enjoy more fierce battle weary tongue inevitably. The entertainment circle always controversial actress, but why is Zhang Xinyu, seems to always live in a group of mock friends? She questioned how to get out of bound Fan Ye speculation, how to end the war between the group and netizens ridicule? The problem is not Zhang Xinyu looks like Fan Ye simulation version, but this fashion war Zhang Xinyu really lost the Paris Fashion Week show actress Zhang Xinyu have bundled hype Fan Bingbing, not to say, but in the era of reading, there is no Zhuangshan is crystal clear. Earlier, Zhang Xinyu appeared in a fashion week show, a fair maiden wind elegant floral fairy shape to attend, the first attempt to exaggerate the explosion ball head, the other looks exceptionally chic, chest big cat cat pendant, and add a few girls playful sense. But this is the body shape, the Internet users pointed out, as if to see the Fan Bingbing, as well as friends Tucao, a fake imitation of Fan Bingbing." In fact, in the entertainment circle, actress rush fashion week is a silent battle, all on the table but decent scene live, as everyone knows, this is actually a very fierce war fighting, each star is their outfits, weapons, and armor. In this battle, it is destined to let people comment, for people who Tucao, and Zhuangshan, who)相关的主题文章: