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Zhang Xinxin: the new "choice" on the return of recently listed Sohu to read an anonymous reader writer Zhang Xinxin photo evaluation Zhang Xinxin: a runaway master, a suitable culture into the universal human thinker and speaker. You have lost, is a weak soul could not refuse, you get, noble people eagerly and can not have. "On the same horizon" gave me the shock, has dominated my interest and choice. For the reader’s assessment, we first need to review the experience of Zhang Xinxin. The word "master" has been flooded, it is said that there are seventy thousand or eighty thousand masters in Beijing, a county art teacher will also be called a master because of a little personality, the master means decadent or ridicule. So I do not want to use the word "master" called Zhang Xinxin, she is neither decadent, but should not be laughed at, even if it is between friends. The master and the smell of the word is different, Zhang Xinxin has many "first": in 1981, Zhang Xinxin’s novel "in the same horizon", critics called is the first to describe the period of reform and opening up new values, and the works of female feelings. In 1985, she became the first to travel by bicycle in the Grande Canale Chinese female writer, according to the journey to write "on the road" into the European Impressionist Works, published "world writer Adventure Series" (1989); the same year she presided over the "canal" television program, is the first foreign host of CCTV. In 1986, the "Beijing people" of the one hundred Chinese people, is the first large-scale oral history of modern china. Zhang Xinxin is the director of the big show "only night", the author and the general planning. This is the first time in China to show the Chinese heavyweight writers and works, in the capital gymnasium and 18000 readers together; sponsored by the Chinese Literature Foundation (1986.12.28). There was no second night in the history of world literature, which paid homage to the Greek drama. In 1986, her detective novels "letter." readers were linked. Known as "a serious writer" the first successful write readable super popular novels, in 1987, she was in Tianjin Taiwan continuous broadcast of this novel is the first full-length works to spread their sound Chinese writer. She is the first column in the Chinese network writer (1999); the first is making Chinese sound with the use of the network (1999), she read Martin Ruud Kim "I have a dream" Chinese translation has spread on the internet. She did, wrote, say, since doing graphic novel "pretty girl" and pat Hanako, published in iPad (2013), is published in the history of the first transition moment Chinese digital multimedia picture books. Paper books published by East China Normal University press. She will not only be an autobiographical novel "ME" at the same time I made the digital book reading version, and in his book on digital text and the first Chinese century writer text rheology…… From these "first", especially in the events of the 80s of last century, we can see a kind of excitement, excitement, vitality and.相关的主题文章: