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Zhang Jun Ning "new vagabondize" on-line clothing – taking double flowers with Sohu Zhang Jun Ning stills Zhang Jun Ning way home entertainment Sohu entertainment news adaptation of the ancient dragon novel of the same name "new vagabondize" next week ending, the play directed by Huang Zuquan, Wang Xiaohan, Wang Yin screenwriter, actor Zhu Yilong, Zhang Jun Ning power and Vincent Chiao starring. The show since its launch by the majority of viewers and friends. Zhang Jun Ning plays Lu Xiaojia with smooth handsome martial arts and handsome appearance especially by the audience, known as "the history of the most handsome Lu jia". With the end approaching, the development of the story is the climax, before the story, Zhang Jun Ning’s life Lu Xiaojia finally light this week, his IQ and EQ also firepower, and put down the hatred, to help the friends together to deal with the villain flowers and flowers in winter clothing, although they fight by the rival bewitched, wounded, painful. It is reported that the drama adaptation of the ancient dragon novel "the prodigal son", and Zhang Jun Ning’s Lu Xiaojia is one of the many fans look forward to most characters in the book s natural uninhibited character and hard-edged circle powder countless, and Zhang Jun Ning’s version of Lu Xiaojia whether one aspect the maximum reduction of road home has become the character "the new vagabondize", is also the most anticipated part. The episodes aired so far, Zhang Jun Ning s version of the road also harvest countless praise, was friends known as the history of the most handsome road home ", more netizens evaluation of Zhang Jun Ning is as costume born man". The "new" vagabondize next week in Beijing satellite TV broadcast the last two episodes, Lu Jia will eventually and the ultimate duel he decide on what path to follow, they spend and what will be the result, please look forward to the wonderful performance of Zhang Jun Ning’s drama ending.   相关的主题文章: