Yu Xu grandfather grandmother did not live to see granddaughter flying is a lifetime regret-sunny came home

Yu Xu grandfather and grandmother: did not live to see granddaughter flying is a lifetime regret Hu Mingkang and Zhou Jianying’s "days", collapsed. From November 12th, Tianjin news: their beloved granddaughter, the J-10’s first female pilot Yu Xu, unfortunately at the expense of flight training, only 30 years old, unmarried. The old couple with each other for 73 years, fifty years, living in Chengdu Chongzhou a cottage, a granddaughter with a big hand. Zhou Jianying’s grandma was lying in bed, the food does not enter, pulled the body of a red coat piercing, "this is the granddaughter to buy". Hu Mingkang Grandpa wandering in Chongzhou in front of the old house, fell dejected. The old leather shoes on his feet, originally placed in the cabinet can not bear to wear, took out today. It was Yu Xu, the first gift he gave him after ten years. "The family in general, her father at odd jobs to earn money to support the family, her mother do housework, casual work." The sad old said, his granddaughter Yu Xu has been self-reliance, proud. Grandpa rushed back to grandma Bu into bed one day on the evening of 12 to 10 points, in Chengdu Longquanyi hill, more than 80 bee boxes neatly arranged, composed of a bee camp. A faint light, from the camp tent gap out of the tent, Hu Mingkang lived in the old man and his disciples, he has bee forty years. "Go out too anxious, the phone forgot to bring." Hu Mingkang complained to the disciples, the apprentice comforted, master, I took the phone, nothing." At this point, the apprentice’s cell phone rang, the other side of the phone is a nephew of Hu Mingkang, so he hurried back to Chongzhou, I heard the crying on the phone, I thought it was an accident." He was distraught, riding a motorcycle to drive home, from Longquan to Chongzhou, more than an hour later, he knocked on the door. The old couple’s home, located in Chongzhou Chongyang Xiangrong street, a row of simple cottage, are on both sides of the road, the house furnishings simple, a simple small home. This little room has been filled with relatives, he had a bad feeling, his wife Zhou Jianying helped by relatives, cry, "my granddaughter, Yu Xu had an accident……" At that moment, two old men, aged about 73, slumped on the couch, Hu Mingkang and Zhou Jianying". The old couple’s granddaughter, an only child, the J-10’s first female pilot Yu Xu, unfortunately at the expense of flight training, only 30 years old. In fact, relatives in the afternoon to know the rumors. From 5 to 6 hours, the Internet has been overwhelming, cannot hide from the past, to tell them the bad news. Grandmother Zhou Jianying slumped in bed, lying for a whole day, a meter is not into, grandfather Hu Mingkang a person, sitting in the living room. The first gift she had given to her grandfather had been a collection of Yu Xu’s home for 10 years. On the other side of the town of Chongyang, her parents had gone to Tianjin. Yu Xu is the only child in the family, from birth to high school graduation to join the army, she has her grandmother Grandpa life is old with a big hand. Relatives have heard the news, came to Hu Mingkang home, comfort the near collapse of the old couple. The old people are again talking about good granddaughter: Zhou Jianying wore red clothes, is the granddaughter to buy, Hu mil coat, hat, all.相关的主题文章: