Your name hot tourist complaints related to excess

"Your name" hot tourist complaints related to excess Tencent entertainment news (Wen Dongqi) called overkill. A work is so popular is a good thing, but everything has two sides, such as the Japanese media has five consecutive weeks of dance for joy, sit tight in the box office champion animated film "your name", has been far beyond the "new" super blockbuster Godzilla’s anticipation, detonated a social whirlwind, but also caused the related region in trouble and burden. This phenomenon is caused by the behavior of fans caused by the work itself was stained. In September 9th, on the official website of your name, there was an article asking fans not to disturb the local people. In this article, as it is written: "respect, usually on the occasion of your hospitality, it is very grateful. By the way, "your name" after the release, the film appeared related places, so many fans in droves, but early in the morning and late night visit to nearby people caused by noise and disturbance, resulting in Voices of discontent. Please plan to the relevant places you can be restrained in behavior, please pay attention to etiquette, please." In Japan, animation and comic works involved in real places, buildings and so on, will let some fans pay special attention to, will therefore came to visit, this sort of religious behavior, known as the "holy land"". In recent years, the "holy land tour" in 2007 is the hottest, the explosion of TV animation "lucky star". The eagle palace shrine works, so a lot of fans like the pilgrimage to the Saitama Eagle palace shrine, once set off topic. The local 70 thousand in 2007 and 2008 jumped to 300 thousand, 2009 420 thousand, 2010 450 thousand more, with a shrine animation linkage, has brought great benefits to the local tourism, many places in the holy land after the reference. In fact, because the visibility greatly enhance and bring huge economic benefits, many local autonomous organizations of the holy land tour behavior is quite popular, also brought benefits to the development of the local economy. But many men are prone to problems. The noise and garbage problems do not go into details. "Your name" caused the problem, in the past there have been. Originally the holy land tour for the local people is not a bad thing, even can bring economic benefits. But because some people’s bad behavior to the local people left a very bad impression, and even lead to the work itself was poor, it is very regrettable. (Tencent news app movie channel, global convergence, good movie information recommendation, more national Tongdui movie, Hollywood movies send non-stop around!)相关的主题文章: