. You can walk along the river here to St Catherines Church in Boot at the other end of the Eskdale valley. The walk takes you through woodland and is another of my favourites. Scafell Pike & Scafell from Upper Eskdale or Wasdale A trip to Eskdale or Wasdale is not complete without a walk up Scafell Pike 副校长与学生对骂 可可西里申遗成功

The trouble is, there are so many things to do in life, you cant do them all. You have to compromise. Nobody likes compromise. Rob would like to live his life to the following rules: keep an open mind and keep on climbing. His life is littered with tick lists of things to climb. On holiday we had a list of things to do and just seven days to do them in. It was going to be impossible to do them all so we then had other lists of must dos, would like to dos and will definitely dos if the weather improves. I lost count of the number of lists we had. Are we alone in this or is this what everyone does on holiday? If you are planning to stay in any of the Lake District Cottages in Eskdale or Wasdale, this is what my suggested tick list would be for you to do (in no particular order): Stanley Ghyll waterfall This is my favourite walk which takes you over little bridges and along a small river up to a lovely waterfall. The walk has a feel of the rainforest about it and is beautiful in all weathers. Start at the war memorial in Eskdale, or at St Catherines Church which makes it a little longer (especially if the stepping stones are under water). A few pints in the King George IV pub in Eskdale Under new ownership, this pub has really turned itself around in recent months. The staff and owners are friendly and it has a wide range of ales. Pets are welcome here too. There are even a few self catering Lake District cottages attached to the pub so if you stayed in one you wouldnt have far to walk back! A trip on the Ravenglass & Eskdale ratty I used to spend all my summers on the Ravenglass and Eskdale railway and never tired of the fantastic scenery on the seven mile trip, or the ice-creams at the other end! You can even buy a ticket for your dog to enjoy the trip. A walk up to Blea tarn in Eskdale There are a variety of starting points for this walk, but a good one is at Beckfoot Station on the Ravenglass and Eskdale railway. The path leads up the fellside and brings you out at Blea Tarn. Go for a skinny dip if you dare! Muncaster Castle (especially in April or May) near Ravenglass I had my first proper job at Muncaster Castle and just loved it. One of my favourite jobs was putting out the signs for the bluebell walk in May. Its great at any time of year but the rhododendrons, and then the bluebells are at their best in April and May. The Georgian Terrace walk has fantastic views towards Eskdale while the rest of the grounds are less formalised with little woodland paths beckoning you to follow them. Dogs are welcome on a lead here. A walk by the river from Forge Bridge to St Catherines Church Just down from the George IV pub in Eskdale is Forge Bridge (incidentally, a good place for swimming). You can walk along the river here to St Catherines Church in Boot at the other end of the Eskdale valley. The walk takes you through woodland and is another of my favourites. Scafell Pike & Scafell from Upper Eskdale or Wasdale A trip to Eskdale or Wasdale is not complete without a walk up Scafell Pike, the finest mountain in the Lake District, and of course, Englands highest peak. If youre a local, youll pronounce it with the w that was originally in the spelling: Scawfell. A fleeting visit to St Olafs church in Wasdale This is the smallest church in England and has a graveyard filled with the tragedy of the earliest attempts to establish rock climbs on the highest mountains in the Lake District. An interesting place to be and a perfect place for a spot of quiet reflection. Great Gable from Wasdale This is a good walk at any time of year but Remembrance Day is an amazing time to go up as hoards of people gather from all over the Lake District for an informal get-together at 11am. A few more pints at the Wasdale Head Inn Always good after a day on the fells. The Wasdale Head Inn was around when the first ascent of Napes Needle was done at the turn of the 18th Century. The birthplace of British climbing. Nobbut a Fleeing Thing Dave Birketts fantastic route on Wasdale Screes graded at E8 it is one of the most spectacular climbs in the Lake District. A trip over Hardknott Pass the steepest road in the Lake District 3:1 gradients take you from Eskdale over to Ambleside and then Windermere. It is best to go over this road when the Lake District is quieter, although it tends to be shut in Winter due to icy conditions. Swimming in the dubs & rivers of Upper Eskdale From Brotherilkeld Farm (the last place in the Eskdale Valley) you can follow the path going towards Scafell Pike and find some fantastic pools to splash about in on the way. It is more of a journey to get to these than the river in Forge Bridge so there is a chance you will have them to yourself. A walk over Muncaster fell to the coast This is another walk with many starting points a good one is to walk past Foresthow Guest house which is at the Miterdale end of Eskdale (past Irton Road Station). The walk takes you over Muncaster Fell to Ravenglass. Come back on the Ravenglass & Eskdale railway if you have tired legs! A picnic anywhere Im a big fan of eating in the fresh air. Take a good book with you too and make a day of it. A walk in the woods of Miterdale The little valley of Miterdale often gets forgotten about in favour of its parent valley Eskdale. As a result there are fewer people there but it is just as beautiful. Rob likes all the forgotten boulders around and about for some excellent climbing. He wont say where they are though as theyre a secret for him alone to do! Wastwater lake on a clear night One of my favourite things to do is visit Wastwater Lake in Wasdale on a clear starlit night. Magical. 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