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Yang Yangfang responded: not without acting disputes with the price price paid Sohu Yang Yang entertainment "Wu move back" poster   Yang Yangfang lawyer issued a statement Sohu entertainment news 29, Yang Yang net exposure to 10 million fee signing "Han cloud" after double play to accept and reason of breach of contract, at the same time, also refused to play, to "" choose day record price 70 million, and in 80 million the next paycheck "Wu move back". In this regard, Jia Shikai said to the media never sit in prices, also denied the high price two other films, and said it would retain the right to pursue legal of rumors. Today (August 30th), Yang Yangfang lawyer issued a statement, said the price paid for false news. At present, the Chinese cloud, the film side of the new culture has not responded.     Yang Yangfang lawyers said in a statement, Yang Yang approached the "cloud of Han Dynasty" doubled the price without justifiable reasons, and discuss other TV fee amount are false news. In the forwarding statement, the lawyer also said: "in order to clarify the facts, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Mr. Yang Yang, the lawyer, according to Mr. Yang Yang and brokerage company authorized, issued a solemn statement and clarification on the so-called" price paid "rumors. I hope that the relevant media to delete and stop the spread of false information, and consciously safeguard the order of the development of the industry, the lawyer and we look forward to Mr. Yang Yang to bring us better works."   Yang Yang lawyers lawyer Yang Yang   the original statement that it broke the first talk between Yang Yang and the "cloud of Han Dynasty" fee dispute. Broke the insider said, Yang Yang approached the "cloud of Han Dynasty", paycheck has soared from "smiled very Qingcheng" 4 million 500 thousand to 10 million, the price at the same time, the brokerage company of Yang Yang Hyatt’s Party promised to play entertainment, actor Victoria Song, Ying Er will also be participating, but then Kai Yue was on the grounds of entertainment Yang Yang fans "wool" does not accept Yang Song, Victoria Song and Ying Er. The insider further revealed that at the end of last year, Yang Yangfang asked the original $ten million double, the reason is Yang Yang more and more red, the drama side of Shanghai new culture group agreed. The crew was scheduled after the Spring Festival on the eve of the Spring Festival which know Yang Yangfang suddenly without the Juyan drama, drama side has repeatedly communicate, Yang Yangfang still insist on breach of contract, but refused to play, said may in accordance with the contract with price paid compensation for loss of crew. The media to Yang Yang’s agent Jia Shikai confirmation, the other said: "first, we never said we sit in prices, this relates to my occupation moral problems; second, we have been talking about how to solve the problem of the contract." As for the reports that the high price, the other two film Jia Shikai responded: "there has never been rumors of" groundless statement choose day record "price," Wu "could not move back, but we could not made such a good project, good director, good script, good premise at the price of the price is normal and reasonable fee category, there is no cost quoted false news, rumors and retains legal prosecution." "Wu move back" producer Zhang Wei said: "Yang Yang’s salary does not exist is higher than normal"相关的主题文章: