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Yang Kaihui sacrificed 86 years who in her memory? Mao Anying had burst into tears – Sohu Military Channel text with map: Yang Kaihui and Mao Anying, Mao Anqing. November 14th is the 86 anniversary of the death of Yang Kaihui. In November 14, 1930, she was outside Liuyang shiziling sacrifice, only 29 years old. This day, from her 29 year old birthday (November 6th), only over 8 days. In July 15, 2009, the people’s Daily published the article to introduce Yang Kaihui’s life, titled "beheading only wind blows — Yang Kaihui (people’s Heroes)". Record: Yang Kaihui was born in 1901. In 1913, his father Yang Changji to Hunan first normal school, Yang Kaihui moved with his father Changsha. At that time, Hunan first normal students Mao Zedong, Cai Hesen and so on, often in the home of the gathering of the party, since childhood, they are deeply affected by the influence of the party, and so on, the students of the first normal school in. "In 1918, Yang Changji went to Peking University, Yang Kaihui father came to Beijing. At this time, due to the organization of work study program in France, Mao Zedong also came to Beijing. In Mao Zedong help, Yang Kaihui read a lot of "New Youth", "fashion" and other progressive publications, broaden the horizons of like-minded Mao Zedong and as a result of more contact, two people fall in love, "Wen said in the winter of 1920, Yang Kaihui and Mao Zedong formed a revolutionary partner. In October 1930, Yang Kaihui was arrested, the other she pressed the whereabouts of Mao Zedong, she publicly announced from the relationship with Mao Zedong, Yang Kaihui replied: "to me from the relationship with Mao Zedong, unless the!" "Politics" noted that the sacrifice of Yang Kaihui 86 years, Mao Zedong and his family, the community, through various forms of commemoration of Yang Kaihui. The community Memorial in recent years, the Hunan party and government organs and units to Yang Kaihui memorial hall, the former residence of Yang Kaihui and the martyrs cemetery and other places, to carry out revolutionary education activities. This year Match 8 Women’s Day on the same day, Hunan provincial procurators Association, provincial Procuratorate organs of the Commission of Hunan province Procuratorate organs of all women, to the former residence of Yang Kaihui, the martyrs cemetery, cherish the memory of revolutionary martyrs, to accept the baptism of mind. In July this year, Tian Xin middle school Party branch two learn to do all the party members to visit the former residence of Yang Kaihui, Yang Kaihui memorial hall, to accept the revolutionary tradition of education, to celebrate the party’s birthday of 95 years old. In recent years, a number of literary and artistic works to commemorate the theme of Yang Kaihui. November 6, 2011, the 110 Anniversary of the birth of Yang Kaihui. Changsha City Hunan Academy to catch the training of modern drama "the world from" friend, "the show in 1982 and 1990 found in the former residence of Yang Kaihui martyr wall in Yang Kaihui’s diary and poetry manuscripts, self-reported data as the basis, with Mao Zedong and Yang Kaihui a few poems as the starting point, from a new perspective to show Yang Kaihui and after Mao Zedong’s marriage". In 2013, written by Yu Yan Yang Kaihui series "swan song", "Itakura Yang Kaihui" have been published, the "song" is China Bancang reportage Institute named the 2013 Chinese reportage works. In addition, in recent years, some revolutionary history theme"相关的主题文章: