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Xi’an train passengers return best sleeper ahead of schedule, the source of tension, Xi’an train passengers return the best ahead of schedule, the sleeper ticket source tense. Xi’an train passengers return the best ahead of schedule, the sleeper ticket source tense. Western network (Shaanxi radio and TV station "city hotline" reporter Yang Meng Zhu Jingwei) near the end of the holiday, but also to catch up with the rain, to the golden week is cooling down (October 6th) 12, the reporter arrived at noon in the XiAn Railway Station, the square outside the passenger in succession is People are hurrying to and fro., increased security of this year is virtually Norway expand the passenger waiting area. However, the reporters found that in the waiting area within the white fence, the ticket hall empty, the whole entrance is not much mouth. The staff explained that every afternoon from 3 to 9:30 in the evening, this time the bus passenger intensive, will significantly increase, and since October 5th, has been the return flow, so today the original passenger peak, did not appear in our imagination crowded scene, today is expected to send passengers 110 thousand passengers in. XiAn Railway Station staff: "our province is Ankang – Yulin, Shenmu – Yanan direction, we travel through the southwest direction of Chengdu – Chongqing direction, Beijing – Shanghai direction.". According to the railway station ticket pre-sale situation, sleeper ticket tight, remind you, ahead of schedule planning. XiAn Railway Station staff: "long distance direction is Beijing – Shanghai, there are Chongqing direction sleeper ticket, the province of Shenmu – Yulin sleeper tickets relatively tight."." In order to avoid unnecessary loss of your valuable ticket, passengers who buy tickets in the morning should pay attention to the arrival time. XiAn Railway Station staff: "for example, you bought the October 7th zero 10 ticket, please be sure to be in the evening of October 6th around 22 to the station ride."." In other words, to pay attention to travel time, prepare the ID card, the best two hours ahead of schedule to the station, from today, highways, railways, subways, flights will focus on the return of passenger flow, we treasure each.

西安乘坐火车旅客返程最好提前 卧铺票源紧张西安乘坐火车旅客返程最好提前,卧铺票源紧张。西安乘坐火车旅客返程最好提前,卧铺票源紧张。  西部网讯(陕西广播电视台《都市热线》记者 杨萌 朱经纬)临近假期结束,又赶上了下雨,给黄金周是降了降温,(10月6日)中午12点记者来到西安火车站,整个外广场是人来人往,旅客在陆续增多,今年安检口的外挪也是无形中扩大了旅客的候车面积。不过记者发现,在白色围栏以内的候车区域内,售票厅里空空荡荡的,整个这片进站口人也并不多。  工作人员解释,每天下午3点到晚上9点半之间,这个时段客车密集,旅客会大幅增加,加上从10月5号起,就已经出现了返程客流,所以今天原本客流返程高峰期,并没有出现我们想象中的人头攒动的景象,预计今天发送旅客在11万人次。  西安火车站工作人员:“咱省内是安康-榆林、神木-延安方向,咱长途直通客流西南方向的成都-重庆方向,北京-上海方向。  根据火车站车票的预售情况看,卧铺票紧俏,提醒大家,提前做好行程规划。  西安火车站工作人员:“长途方向是北京-上海,还有重庆方向的卧铺票,省内的神木-榆林的卧铺票相对比较紧张。”  为了避免您宝贵的车票作废带来不必要的损失,购买凌晨车票的乘客要注意进站时间。  西安火车站工作人员:“例如您购买的是10月7号零点10分的车票,请您一定要在10月6号晚上22点左右来车站乘车。”  也就是说,要留意乘车时间,备好身份证,最好提前两个小时赶到车站,今天起公路、铁路、地铁、航班都将集中迎来返程客流,大家各自珍重。相关的主题文章: