Xi’an anti fraud center was formally established marie digby

Xi’an anti fraud center was formally established in September 30, 2016, Xi’an City anti fraud center in Xi’an City Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Bureau was formally established. Xi’an City, director of the opening strike joint meeting governance telecommunications network new criminal Office of the Municipal Public Security Bureau deputy director Yan Hong, deputy director of the joint meeting, to combat illegal crime governance telecommunications network model office deputy director of the Xi’an Municipal Public Security Bureau of criminal investigation bureau Party Kai Jun and other leading comrades in Xi’an anti fraud centre. The official operation of the anti fraud center, marking the support of public security, banking and communications operators integration of cooperation, the rapid synchronization of the new pattern of telecommunications networks to combat crime. Xi’an city center to carry out anti fraud police, silver, three party offices, the integration mode of operation. By the Xi’an Municipal Public Security Bureau, Xi’an branch of the people’s Bank, telecom, mobile, Unicom, industrial and commercial bank, agricultural bank, China bank, construction bank, postal savings bank, Xi’an bank, Agricultural Bank and other units stationed in Qin personnel stationed together, collaborative work, in accordance with the unified alarm, classification disposal, fast payment, the working principle of precision strike, in coordination with the relevant mechanism, through the city’s daily alarm alarm system analysis, by the public security organs and the relevant commercial banks to carry out inquiries, payment accounts involved, freezing and early warning work; and communications operators to find the telephone fraud, phishing sites, network links etc. block check and control, such as shutting down work. And through the integration of resources, clues, close cooperation, to improve the telecommunications network of new illegal and criminal cases to carry out effective investigation combat, publicity and prevention work.相关的主题文章: