Xiamen nine year old donated 5 sets of real estate own dwelling Hongkong room 660003

Xiamen nine year old donated all his dwelling house 5 sets of real estate Hongkong room Xu Lihui donated are in good condition and reconstruction of rental, the rent money for social assistance, the Red Cross (the fund) will be added tablets in the reconstruction of a good house, remember, Xu Lihui charity Xiamen Ji Hongkong resident Xu Lihui keen to charity, spare no effort to return home morning news reporter Wu Xueying correspondent Li Pingyu Xiamen is a city of love, before Chen Jiageng all patriotic overseas Chinese student, a white haired old man donated property to serve the society. She volunteered to donate 5 properties in Xiamen, but his dwelling in a small house in Hongkong; she could live, but to many times to Xiamen for donations; she is illiterate, but with their own actions to write poems dedicated a song. Her name is Xu Lihui, 90 years old this year. Born in Xiamen, she moved to Hongkong with her children in her later years. Others have advised her older don’t torture, but she and happiness within, because of dedication and feel very happy. Although she declined a reporter’s interview, the reporter learned from the city or the scarlet letter will be her story. In 2001, the "million people love" activities for Xu Lihui and her daughter was awarded honorary certificates and sent letters to donate 5 homes time back in April 1999, will send a letter from Hongkong’s letter to the Xiamen Red Cross, the letter expresses the sender’s desire to want to donate property in Xiamen. With the letter, there is a real estate license in the Republic of china. Because of the old property permits some yellowing, but clear handwriting, written Shengping Road No. 2. The sender is Xu Lihui. Xu Lihui and her daughter are members of the Red Cross Society of Hongkong. Xu Lihui in Xiamen, there are 5 left to her husband’s property, as a result of years of living in Hongkong, these houses have been idle. This time to write to the Xiamen Red Cross, Xu Lihui is hoping to donate these houses to help people in need. It is reported that 5 homes, Xu Lihui donated, located in the town road, Shengping Road, Siming Road, Qing Xiang etc.. Because of the real estate property donated more material for old, and added many materials, taking into account the Red Cross decided Xu Lihui advanced in age, sent to the agency. Donated by the relevant departments to assess the total value of these 5 houses about 1 million 30 thousand yuan. A simple life like sweet potato Rice porridge in October 23, 2000, Xu Lihui and daughter together to Xiamen for donations. After many years back home again, she feels kind. Xiamen Red Cross vice president Li Mingzhu on the whole reception. Li Mingzhu said that Xu Lihui missed Xiamen’s favorite snack peanut soup, sweet potato is Rice porridge. "After seeing her, it’s hard to imagine that the old lady with a lot of real estate had such a simple life." Li Mingzhu recalled that they want to be the most simple standard for Xu Lihui accommodation, but she refused, and finally she was admitted to the relatives. "We want to go through the formalities, take her out to taste the delicacy, she said his older, do not eat too much, eat a bowl of sweet potato Rice porridge is very satisfied." To this end, Li Mingzhu invited Xu Lihui to her home to eat.相关的主题文章: