Wuhan Mid Autumn Festival holiday 3 million 700 thousand people Lanke tourism income of over 1 billi-coscoqd

Wuhan Mid Autumn Festival holiday 3 million 700 thousand people Lanke tourism income of over 1 billion yuan a small Mid Autumn Festival holiday this year end, Wuhan tourism report is very brisk, about 3700000 tourists trips, tourism revenue over 1 billion yuan. It is worth mentioning that, for the first time this year, through the tourists to select the "most fire" scenic spots in Wuhan. According to statistics, during the Mid Autumn Festival in 2016, Wuhan city received 3 million 701 thousand and 200 tourists, tourism income of about 1 billion 61 million yuan. This year’s Mid Autumn Festival and national day interval is shorter, the Mid Autumn Festival holidays, more popular citizens in the city, suburban short line tour. The city center to launch all kinds of poetry, painting and calligraphy exhibition, photography exhibition, flower show, rap art performances and other activities. New city launched mountaineering praying, camping full moon, bonfire party, folk performances, local food, food and other activities. All kinds of theme park science popularization activities also for the mid autumn festival. Which scenic spots are most popular during the Mid Autumn Festival? Wuhan tourism information consulting center introduced, in from September 15th to 17th, 3 municipal sub centers received more than 5000 visitors, 12 district level sub center received more than 2 visitors. The advisory information shows that more and more new city, Mulan, Mulan Tianchi Jinli Street ditch, Dayuwan, consultation, the city of Wuhan science and Technology Museum New Museum, Haichang polar ocean world where such young and old concern, Happy Valley, the Yellow Crane Tower is the favorite of tourists. Provincial Tourism Committee introduced, 2016 Mid Autumn Festival holiday tour three days, the province received a total of 10 million 631 thousand and 400 visitors, the total income of 5 billion 27 million yuan tourism. Tourist revenue and tourism revenue increased by 12% and 13% respectively.

武汉中秋小长假揽客370万人次 旅游创收超10亿元中秋小长假收尾,今年武汉旅游成绩单十分亮眼——接待游客370多万人次,旅游创收超10亿元。值得一提的是,今年首次通过游客咨询选出武汉“最火”景区。据统计测算,2016年中秋期间武汉市共接待游客370.12万人次,旅游收入约10.61亿元。今年中秋节和国庆节间隔时间较短,中秋假期市民游客更青睐在市内、市郊短线游。中心城区推出各类书画展、诗会、摄影展、花会、说唱艺术表演等活动。新城区推出登山祈福、露营赏月、篝火晚会、民俗表演、乡土美食品鉴等活动。各类主题乐园的科普游乐活动也为中秋佳节增色。中秋期间哪些景区最火?武汉旅游信息咨询中心介绍,9月15日至17日期间,3个市级分中心共接待游客5000余人次,12个区级分中心共接待游客咨询2万余人次。这些咨询信息显示,新城区的木兰天池、木兰草原、锦里沟、大余湾等地咨询量较多,市内的武汉科技馆新馆、海昌极地海洋世界等老少咸宜的地方等备受关注,欢乐谷、黄鹤楼更是外地游客的最爱。省旅游委介绍,2016年中秋假日旅游三天,全省共接待游客1063.14万人次,实现旅游总收入50.27亿元。接待游客及旅游总收入同比增长12%和13%。相关的主题文章: