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WiFi manneungyulsoi into "Qingcheng" slightly mobile partner – Entertainment Sohu recently, WiFi master key and hit TV series "smiled very little", Youku Video reached a strategic cooperation, WiFi manneungyulsoi become mobile partner. "A smile is Qingcheng" drama adapted from the famous Internet writer Gu Man novel of the same name, from the moment the explosion of red face high value little meat Yang Yang, starring Zheng Shuang, director of the Lin Yufen team had to create a "flower and bone", "Legend of Sword and Fairy 3" and other classic hit play. Since August 22nd the whole network exclusive launch on Youku, "smiled very little drama" mouth overflowing, not only in traffic than the same schedule TV, but also a long-term occupation of the social network topic list. In the on-line 24 hours playback volume exceeded 500 million; launched 60 hours playback volume over 1 billion; the total playback volume has exceeded 6 billion, "little CP" in various social platforms to great acclaim. Many users lamented, "campus scene smiled very little drama" close to real life, to help with a meal, seat, roommate, sitting on the bike all night night after small throbbing, these campuses the details of the scene aroused the sympathy, the whole sugar is the plot of all ages the girl heart harvest. With 900 million users worldwide and 520 million months of live users, WiFi master key to become the strategic partner of the top IP. As the share of the economy, the representative of the enterprise, WiFi master key has a global hot spot can be connected 400 million, the average number of times more than 4 billion times a day, the amount of data generated per day has more than 80TB. In the international market, WiFi master key equally hot. Currently, WiFi universal key users have covered 223 countries and regions worldwide, and in Russia, Egypt, Mexico, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand and other countries and regions in the Google play tool list ranked first. With the WiFi master key cooperation, "smiled" very little drama in a short period of time will be the latest content delivery to the global fans. With the massive user with global influence, WiFi master key in the summer and has a number of popular IP reached a strategic cooperation, including "a game of Thrones: a song of ice and fire", "city of fantasy", "Zhu Xian Zhi", "China Qingyun: the new song", "star Trek 3" etc.. At the same time, WiFi master key provides a variety of innovative cooperation model. In addition to the opening screen posters, WiFi master key can help position IP hot scenes marketing based on the previous "Star Trek" held 3 star meeting, in particular within a radius of ten km range WiFi manneungyulsoi APP user in the information flow in the brush creates a meeting information. This is a popular film IP provides another possibility of precision marketing.相关的主题文章: