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UnCategorized Anyone can start a blog. Starting a blog does not take any special skills: just a commitment to regular writing and something to talk about. When it comes to adding a blog to your website, therefore, it is hard to come up with reasons why you wouldn’t do it. After all, think about the benefits of adding a blog to your website: 1) Adding a blog to your website will provide your page with daily updates. On the internet, having fresh content is important. It keeps your readers coming back and it helps the search engines to find your site and therefore, fresh content means that your page will become more easily found by people who are actively looking for the information, products or services that you offer on your web page. 2) Adding a blog to your website is like adding a new web page every day. Not only does writing in your blog on a daily basis keep your content fresh, but most blogs can be set to post pages. That means that each entry that you write will create its own webpage, and each can provide links back to your main site. 3) Adding a blog to your website will allow your site to be indexed not only by the major search engines like Google and Yahoo and MSN, but also by blog search engines. When more engines are looking at your page and the content that is written on it, more people are likely to find your page. When more people find your page and find the information that they are looking for you will find an increase in visitors and in sales. 4) Adding a blog to your website will create better bookmarks. The reason for this is that people don’t bookmark a blog to come back to it once a month or when they are thinking about it; instead, they add the feed for the blog to a newsreader so that they can read updates as they are posted. This is especially beneficial if you regularly add new products to your site. However, while those benefits exist and are valuable, there is more that you can do when you add a blog to your site. To begin with, you are not restricted to adding text to a blog; you can also add photos, audio content and video content. You can use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques to create keyword rich content to make the writing you publish even more valuable for marketing your site. But one of the best features that can come along with adding a blog to your website is even more simple: you can add a level of professionalism to your website by hiring a professional writer to create content for your blog. A professional writer in particular, a professional ghostwriter can create a topic specific blog for your site. Having a topic specific blog written for you will ensure the following: Your content will be researched, valuable, accurate and timely; Sources will be correctly quoted and therefore you will not be accused of plagiarism; Your readers will always be considered; Your blog will ping the blog search engines each time that it is updated. Having a ghostwriter create your blog for your will ensure that you have original content that is written with one specific purpose in mind: promoting your website. With all that a blog can do for marketing your website and with all of the benefits that can come with using a professional ghostwriter to write your blog it’s easy to see why you should add a blog to your website. The only question left is this: what are you waiting for? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: