Whose South Korea Park falls into the trap of trust-dingxiangwuyuetian

Whose South Korea? Park Geun hye fell into the trap of trust is the puppet President Park Geun hye! South Korea’s social media has given the new title of park, some universities also appeared in the satirical Park Geun hye’s poetry, and the Gallup poll shows, the support rate has dropped to lows since taking office. What happened to park Geun hye, who married her? The recent fermentation of the incident has been a breakdown of the Korean people’s confidence in park Geun hye. South Korean people find that the elected president was affected by their own "bestie" at the mercy of the tall Chong Wa Dae politics was so serious, this is not only for democracy is blasphemy to the South Korean people fooled. South Korea’s domestic and foreign affairs have appeared in trap and mire, "Cui Shunshi" may be a door to park crossed, not only will allow Pu Jinhui to advance into the "lame" period, and will take on the park Geun hye’s political reputation as a politician in the park Geun hye has disabled state. Park Geun hye’s speech actually appeared in an ordinary person’s computer, but also by various circles to change, this person is the refuge of Cui Shunshi in germany. When the reporter Cui Shunshi computer in presidential documents exposure, Pu Jinhui felt it was a more difficult to deal with than the nuclear crisis crisis, so in the media second days to publicly apologize to the people. Cui Shunshi, who is? Park Geun Hye bestie, his father Cui Taimin is the park’s "spiritual mentor", and Cui Taimin said South Korea is "immortal to teach" leader, who is evil, after the park Geun hye mother, gave her a lot of comfort, even asserted that she will become a ruler. Only in this drama "the deer" to see such novels, see on the screen, but also the audience laugh, but when it becomes a political reality, no one will laugh, but the cold sweat. Park Geun hye and Cui Shunshi admitted that the relationship is unusual, also admitted to obtain advice from her, and even modify the manuscript, but in Chong Wa Dae and the staff after the establishment would no longer seek the views of Shunshi cui. Is this really the case? Not necessarily! Even the new constitution that park Geun hye from Cui Shunshi, Pu Jinhui not only listen to the views of Shunshi Cui policy in the country, but also to listen to Cui Shunshi in what to wear clothes, shoes. In the "national" in the book to apologize, Pu Jinhui also lied with independent prosecutors began to intervene in the matter, although the park Geun hye have immunity, but political reputation is also be destroyed on one day. Since democracy since the investigation of the president of the Republic of Korea can hardly get rid of bribery and abuse of power brought by relatives, Cui Shunshi bribed by park Geun hye’s power, his daughter to talented students into the identity of Ewha women, the results caused a huge rebound, so the president resigns. Media has been exposed by the political and commercial relations of Cui Shunshi, and Pu Jinhui is behind the political power of this business. As for the park and Cui Shunshi what is the relationship, I’m afraid will soon emerge, one is the press will continue to poke black, grey History Park Geun hye re entered the politics may soon see the light; the two is South Korea’s independent prosecutor’s great power, not let the relatives of the former president, how could go to Cui Shunshi? Nepotism is characteristic in East Asian politics, while South Korea’s media and?相关的主题文章: