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Where is the chicken? Pay attention to the choice of chicken – People’s Health Channel – People’s original title: Q4: chicken exactly where? People often say, "eat more meat, eat less red meat." Here the red meat includes pig, beef and mutton and other mammals, including chicken, duck meat, white meat, goose, fish, shrimp and other non mammalian meat. Relatively speaking, white meat than red meat more healthy, nutrition. Then, the chicken as people to the table on the most common white representatives, what are the nutritional value? The nutritional value of animal meat, not only in the content of protein, fat and so on, but more important is the qualitative difference. According to the animal growth environment, habits, as well as people eat these animals after the body, the spirit of different reactions, animals have "cold, warm, hot," the difference. Usually, the aquatic animal is cold, including fish, shrimp, crab, ducks and geese; while terrestrial herbivorous animal is warm, such as cattle, sheep and other carnivorous animal; partial heat, such as wolf, tiger, leopard and other birds, which is the hottest. Of course, a class of birds belonging to the chicken, so chicken meat is hot. Chicken with temperature in the Qi, complement essence and marrow, benefits of the five internal organs, complement deficiency effect, to some extent alleviate the physical weakness caused by fatigue, dizziness and other symptoms. For men, the symptoms of kidney deficiency caused by frequent urination, deafness, it may be appropriate to eat some chicken for food. Eating chicken can improve the immune system, mainly because the chicken contains taurine. Taurine can enhance the digestive capacity of the human body, play a role in antioxidation and detoxification. In improving the brain and heart function, promote children’s intellectual development, chicken also has a good effect. It is worth mentioning that the different parts of the chicken meat, its nutritional components are different. Chicken breast meat is the most people love eating place, not only because it is low in fat, also contains a lot of vitamins, can reduce cholesterol in a certain extent. Because the chicken has a high nutritional value, it has become the "month of meals" an indispensable and irreplaceable nutrition. Stewed chicken soup, has always been the confinement woman preferred nourishing jiapin. Drink a bowl of family cooked chicken soup, maternal physical and mental well-being, but also help to alleviate the loss of blood during the birth of the child’s physical fatigue. If appropriate in the chicken soup to add angelica, safflower and other nourishing qi and blood of traditional Chinese medicine, therapeutic effect is good. Link 1 note chicken manufacturer, packaging and production date. The best choice of major brands of products produced by manufacturers. 2 to go to the regular place to buy. In general, large commercial super sale of chicken by regular manufacturers supply, its freshness, health conditions are more reliable. 3 pay attention to the appearance, color and texture of chicken. In general, the quality of chicken meat color is red, there is brightness and feel smooth. 4 after the purchase should be immediately put into the refrigerator, and eat within one or two days. (Xu Xinyi, right: the commissioning editor Juan)相关的主题文章: