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What causes infertility? (Sohu) the incidence of infertility in reproductive age in China 10%~15%. Due to environmental pollution, premature sexual behavior, sexually transmitted infections, premarital medical abortion, the increase in the number of people work pressure, reproductive age delay factors such as the incidence of infertility increased year by year. Infertility has become one of the three major diseases (cancer, cardiovascular disease, infertility). In child-bearing age, did not take any contraceptive measures, have sex life, living together for 1 years without pregnancy, called infertility, which never had a history of pregnancy is called primary infertility, had pregnancy history called secondary infertility. The causes of infertility are complex, both male and female, infertile couples, female factors accounted for 40~50%, the cause of female infertility include abnormal ovulation, tubal factor, endometriosis, uterine and cervical factors factors. Male factors accounted for 25%~40%, mainly dyszoospermia and insemination disorders. Both men and women together accounted for 20~30%, unexplained infertility accounted for 10%. The occurrence of infertility, only asked the woman to find the cause of infertility, as the man, but that it has nothing to do with themselves, so that their own examination is to insult themselves, this idea is not correct. What are the conditions for pregnancy? The first woman to discharge the egg, the man must have a normal quantity and quality of sperm. Ovary is a pair of flat oval gonads, women of childbearing age ovarian 4*3*1cm size, weight of about 5~6 grams, gray white. Ovary has the dual function of producing eggs and sex hormones. Women of childbearing age ovary every month an egg, normal female menstrual cycle for 21~35 days, ovulation date in about fourteenth days before the next menstruation. If in the past the date of ovulation had intercourse, sperm into the vagina, the sperm through the cervix into the uterine cavity, the uterine cavity into the fallopian tube, the right place and people, the sperm egg will meet at the right time and place, also is the formation of zygotes ampulla of fallopian tube. With the help of peristalsis and tubal cilia activity, fertilized eggs gradually split into multiple blastomeres, about 3 days into the uterine cavity, the flow in the uterine cavity after 2~3 days, it will find a piece of fertile soil is implantation, pitch camp, and then gradually become the fetus until full-term delivery. From the above conception which we can see, the woman in the process of conception plays a more important role, such as ovulation, polycystic ovary syndrome, hyperprolactinemia, ovarian dysfunction will dilute ovulation and ovulation, need active treatment to have the baby. Whether in or outside genital to genital smoothly, the uterus is located in female pelvic cavity, like an inverted pear shaped, weighing about 50~70g, 7~8cm long, 4~5 cm wide, 2~3cm thick, the lower part of the uterus is narrow cylindrical, known as cervical. For example, cervical inflammation or injury may change the characteristics of cervical mucus and (or) cervical anatomy is not conducive to sperm through. Fallopian tube is a pair of slender and curved muscular tube, with places for eggs and sperm and egg transport channel. Full length 8~14c)相关的主题文章: