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Western media: Real Madrid for referee C Ronaldo Peake sentenced the cheap no [information] Atletico Madrid C 0-3 Luo thirty-ninth cap making history of Tencent November 20th sports news Basa (official data) chase wasted opportunity, Real Madrid (data) was scored after the Madrid Derby, beating the Basa chase. Two games, two penalty penalty is critical, Peake was arrested in the penalty area to be ignored by the referee, C Luo restricted area was sentenced to a penalty for a trip to the dispute of the Savage. Western media "sports world" complaints, different scales referee penalty cost Barcelona oiwake opportunity. "World sports news" angry Real Madrid accounted for the referee cheap Barcelona full court advantage, failed to complete the break. Eighty-fourth minutes of the most controversial moments, Peake inserted into the box before going to shoot, the defender David Villa Nova tried to protect the ball, the ball to the goalkeeper Kameni, but Cameroon goalkeeper Peake has hit a bit slow, get rid of the defense for the kicker, Billy Arnold w arm lost focus block in Peake legs before the shooting, forced to stop. Peake was lying on the ground, but the referee Ben Gore Texe A refused to blow penalty. Such a penalty is almost equal to kill Barcelona hope to win. Two people were compared with the other side of the moment, Real Madrid in the first half of the game, the lead in the first half of the game, the second half of the opening of the Ma Jing offensive ferocious, real passive defense is very difficult for. At this moment, the referee’s penalty to save real madrid. 70 minutes, the area fell to the ground slippery savage, trying to Real Madrid long pass out to rescue, behind the C kissing Luo Ze arrived at the ball, and Atletico Madrid defender right after contact with the ground, the referee Bo Delwa Ron hesitated, pointing to the spot, Calderon stadium in an uproar. "World sports daily" pointed out that, if the C Luo such a collision penalty, then Peake was obviously dropped in the penalty area is also the penalty kick. On the penalty, the pro Barcelona "daily sports newspaper" that is C Ronaldo deliberately looking for physical contact, Diving too, "at the time of the situation, very easily fell to the ground, causing the penalty for false judgment." Pro Real Madrid "Aspen" Savage pointed out that leg action time is too long, resulting in C Ronaldo cannot continue to move forward, after Atletico team protest unfair penalty. For such a penalty, the world sports news publicly accused the referee, Real Madrid in the referee accounted for cheap. If it wasn’t for C’s penalty, the Madrid Derby would be very different. Recently, the relationship between Barcelona and the Spanish League chairman te basi really stiff, the Barcelona mouthpiece "sports world" and hand the referee, do not know how it will respond to the Spanish referee committee. Now, Real Madrid in La Liga standings, 4 points behind Barcelona gap.相关的主题文章: