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Wenzhou two old road smoothly programses Petunia still sell cattle unexpectedly exposed in the mountains to build roads, the project team of two experienced man, rate of advanced mountain terrain reconnaissance. They did not choose the construction location, but a small cattle encounter. Look at it strong muscles, two old man feeling, started a dumbfounding selling cattle embarrassed. Last night, Wenzhou, police said, the two men arrested for theft jingfangxingju old man, because a good attitude, has been released on bail. The old man came this morning glory road speak of from July 18th. On that day, the old man Zhang Wencheng and old Wu received a hard work, they have to help the road engineering team into the West pit forest survey the terrain, try to do some preparatory work. Into the mountain, they have found someone special, stocking a small cattle around the mountains, no one guards. Cattle first discovered the old man ran to discuss with Zhang old man. Mr. Zhang said, these look like cattle, is estimated with his old Liu village raised, to hide. Two old man heart greed, to which a small ox led to Zhang old man in the old house backyard, quietly raised more than a month, want to wait for some more cattle manure to sell a good price. But their plans are seriously threatened. Found the cow not see Liu, at first thought it was out to graze cattle hill, can find a few days down, he perceived a wrong. These professional cattlemen, go far cattle is easy to find, according to cattle footprints and cattle grazing traces, determine the general direction is not difficult, but the head of small cattle has been "whereabouts unknown". This shows that the small cattle was arrested. As a farming cooperatives Wencheng boss, Liu resorted to the killer. He to 150 yuan a day’s price, the villagers are familiar with the road into the mountains to find cattle, and promised to help him find the whereabouts of small cattle, cattle sold, the other half of the cattle when the bonus. Cattle owners in a butcher house recognized the loss of cattle must be rewarded under isao. One after another into the mountains of the villagers, there are a few Zhang old man asked about the whereabouts of the cattle. The old man thought, a few days, the project team also going into the mountains, too, simply to sell early small cattle. Zhang selected buyer is a familiar butcher. Ironically, Zhang Wu said the old man, he met with Liu and butcher, to sell their own cattle feel shy. Then, two people played Oboe, Zhang as a middleman, "introduced" friends "old Wu raised their own small cattle to butcher. To this end, the butcher then paid 3200 yuan old Wu, privately gave Zhang 100 yuan fee, hope to introduce more sources. Wu old man divided 1600 yuan to Zhang old man. Two people think the cattle were slaughtered, the dead men tell no tales. However, until two people were in prison, the little yellow cattle were still alive. Originally, the butcher is too small not enough cattle manure, slaughter too early is not worthwhile, want to keep for a month. Last week, a person employed to find cattle villagers, passing the butcher cattle shed at home, found the small cattle head shape with Liu said like the news, with liu. Liu home to discuss the cattle, the butcher also denied at first. The police after butcher some panic, he said he killed 30 years of cattle, the cattle are from others Zhenjinbaiyin buy, own.相关的主题文章: