Wei Ji Fa Chinese foot technology is to blame the defeat don’t practice enough-seaway

Wei Jizhong: Chinese soccer association to defeat bad practice enough’s disappointing Wei Jizhong column FIVB honorary president, Chinese’s three original Senate hopeful, was recognized as the underdog in the strength of the Syria team away win we. Everyone’s disappointment, discontent, accusations of speech is completely understandable. This is not a few words of apology to stall the past. I think we have to admit that our technical level needs to be improved. Daredevil, the technical level is not at home, even a miracle, is also a chance. Athletes may really be like the Chinese Football Association officials say is the best, they may be true level. It is necessary to invite domestic experts to evaluate the results of the game from the layman to see, this is the conclusion. Why the level of technology is slow, according to my volleyball experience, is not enough practice. A large amount of exercise strict starting from the actual but scientific training is the successful experience of our generations of coaches and scientific researchers accumulation. I did not know how to do it. The technology is the personal practice, practice every day can consummate. I see the improvement of the overall level of Chinese football is also urgent, and now the situation is the result of the past. The level of tomorrow will start from today. We now have a good starting point, and that is the top of the road for the design of football reform roadmap and timetable, both hard work and a little patience. There are many subjective or objective reasons for the success or failure of each ball. We are looking for help, lessons must be learned, otherwise there will be no progress. Chinese Football Association to listen to the views of fans and the public. In any case, the Chinese Football Association is responsible, have to play is to give yourself pressure responsibility. The outcome of sports competition depends on the technical differences between the two sides. Other factors may be accidental, Chinese football or to make great efforts to improve the overall level. Look at the top 12 national football tournament live, "sports + APP"! Please pay attention to more exciting sports +APP相关的主题文章: