War machine 4 win10 store special offer with purchase guide-nrf905

"War machine 4" Win10 Store Hong Kong special offer with the purchase of the tutorial before the war machine 4 plans to sell in Win10 China store, and only 188RMB very affordable. Unfortunately, shortly after the booking of the game, because of some of the reasons can not be described on the shelf. "War machine 4" Hong Kong special offer service to open video but Jun suddenly found that recently the Win10 store port service open a wave of "war machine 4" discount, regular edition price of HK $209 (182RMB), and the ultimate version of discount more concessions, only 384 Hong Kong dollars (334RMB), want to seize the opportunity of the students! "War machine 4" open port service special offer "war machine 4" port service opens the special offer below enclosed port service purchase payment tutorial, the convenience of a friend is not familiar with the Win10 system: the first area into Hongkong, open the app store, login to your Microsoft account. After choosing to buy game selection payment note: the current Hong Kong service Win10 store only Visa credit card direct payment support in China, but we can directly buy a gift card exchange. Or registered Paypal account, the money will be charged to the Paypal account and then use the Paypal account for payment. We will in the end there are detailed Raiders teach you how to use Paypal to pay. Of course, if you have MasterCar can also be paid directly. After the completion of personal information and card numbers and other projects, countries and regions we can not change. The city and the address can be free to fill in, but in order to avoid some unnecessary trouble may arise, or fill in the actual address of Hongkong is relatively stable. After the success of the purchase can enjoy the play (Xia) (Zai). Annex: Paypal on tutorial official website: Objective: if it is certified Paypal account with a credit card, credit card can use dual currency, such as VISA, Mastercard, ExpressAmerica, Paypal certification process, will be deducted $1.95 for students into an electronic bill in the electronic bill will there is a transaction number, there is a 4 digit PP*code transaction number, you can fill in this 4 digit! 1.95 dollars in 24 hours back to your Paypal account so rest assured. Register your account and fill in the necessary information. At present, Paypal supports the Bank of China, ICBC, China Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of communications, China Merchants Bank, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank and other banks. Fill in the card number will allow us to fill in the account of the phone, after the completion of the Paypal will send a verification message, the verification code will be completed after the successful binding of your bank card! Buy whatever you want! Now we can serve Win10 in Hong kong.相关的主题文章: