VR to build a star domain world view the day Yan Jiang Lu spirit of today’s open beta-drop dead diva

VR to build a star domain world view "the day Yan Jiang Ling Lu" beta today opened 7.4 CGWR score card booking day Yan | novice area recorded lead: the game gathered by proxy, Lingshi game development 3D star domain "day Yan Lu" fantasy online games will be held today at 14 o’clock Jiang Ling shocked to open beta, the game will send the nouveau riche login gift: the gift of the moon estate, opened the first step to conquer the galaxy! There is a new race, a new story, a new star in the full play of the game, and today will launch the VR version of the world view video, take you to experience the vastness of the universe! Now by the introduction of a small series of this test open new gameplay and new content! > > click to receive "the day Yan Lu"   Jiang Ling beta activation code < < more in "the day Yan play recorded" new play "station" [exclusive VR World View Video Star Charm "feel personally on the scene] day Yan Lu" as the game player to construct a Grand Star domain tells the story of the rise and fall of world outlook, life, evolution and development of star domain. In order to allow players to feel more of this epic content, the official launch of the VR world view video. Let the game player can immerse the feelings of the dark expanse of the star field, outstanding big bang, the birth of civilization origin, that the war and fighting etc.. At the same time tonight at 8 in the Huya broadcast platform ME, broadcast VR draw world outlook, believe to be able to let you will be thrilled!相关的主题文章: