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Outdoors Not everyone likes thinking of "what if" situations, but if you live in a place where you’re in danger of getting lost, you may have to .e up with a crisis plan in case you get marooned. Being trapped in a spot where you might need to deal with the cruel .ponents of nature is a nightmare. You have no option but to deal with the situation and survive. When you understand that a rescue party might reach your destination much later than you projected (if at all), you must start preparing yourself mentally for the grueling task ahead. To begin with, think about the essential things you will need in the next day or so. you’ll have to look for food, water and shelter. Here are the corresponding skills you need to learn to be able to survive in a jungle. Three Essential Skills for any Emergency Setting 1. Looking for Food and Water When you pack a survival bag, you do not include choco bars, pick-me-up drinks, canned espresso and a player. What you include should contribute to what you may need to face just in case you need to look for for food and water. For example, you wish to include a multi-use jungle knife for cutting through barks of vegetation and digging up dirt in case you’re looking for anything fit to be eaten. A knife may be needed for opening canned provisions that you may have thought to take, and for fending off animals. You must also learn the best way to find fresh water sources. Springs, rivers, and lakes are the most basic resources. But if you’re in the jungle, the closer you are to a source of clean water, the more you should be cautious of animals that may attack. You will also discover that more insects abound in places where water can be found so you have to research your local fauna whenever you can, in case you need to make out which insects to look out for when you’re in the wilds. Check for a water vine, which grows throughout rain forests and holds a few gallons of potable water. You should use big foliage on plants to gather rainwater or dew so you have more water to drink in the day. 2. Starting and Sustaining a Fire Pit Fire is your friend in the jungle. If you have a fire starter kit or even a box of impermeable safety matches, you should have no problem starting a fire. A knife may be vital for creating a fire when you’re making use of flint instead of matches. But maintaining a fire is usually essential in order that you do not freeze if the fire goes out while you are sleeping. Dig a pit where you will keep your fire burning up. During the day, you have to use fire to send out a sign for help. A sooty black line going up to the atmosphere is sure to be a mag. for rescue teams. During the night, you can use your flame to draw in the eye of those who are looking for you. 3. Generating Shelter Clothes that protect you from the weather are great to pack in your survival kit. These pieces of clothing have to be hard-wearing enough to withstand water. Whatever you do, don’t nap directly on the earth since it’s easier to freeze that way. In case you need to rest, make sure that you are lying on dry foliage or scraps of clothing to protect you from the freezing ground. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: