Uncle pig training to enhance the quality of pork meat prices jumped 3 times (Figure)-ajviewer

Uncle pig diving training improve the taste of meat prices soared 3 times (Figure) original title: Hunan uncle training to enhance the taste of pork pig diving friends: pigs are forced to exercise people say that pigs eat and sleep, wake up to eat, to the families of the old Hunan pig is not convinced, they want to master every day for diving training, urge them to exercise. Washington according to reports, recently, Hunan province Ningxiang County Jin Zhou Zhen Guan Shan village Huang Demin, pig breeding to the soil of high diving exercise, to improve the immunity of the pig by swimming exercise, increase pig food intake and growth rate, improve the quality and taste of pork. It is reported that after diving swimming exercise pigs, pork prices than the market price of ordinary pork to nearly 3 times higher. At the same time, pig diving (known locally as pig diving) has become a village of Guanshan attracts many tourists attractions. Pig: Ghosts know what I’ve been through! Jump play, how many people think of the "love apartment". A big wave of diving commentator is coming. Save editor: Wu Yan相关的主题文章: