Uncle also love to see! Recent tears cry tears of the animation rankings super bass

Uncle also love to see! In recent years, people have been crying tears of animation ranking has been, animation works are often in order to bring the audience to relax and exist. But there are some works of the story is very touching, then let us look after you couldn’t help crying. Sometimes precisely because people have been middle-aged, will be moved by the story. Recently, a Japanese media survey in recent years to allow more than and 40 year old middle-aged people moved by the animation, look at it. At the top is "no flowers". This work is not only a lot of young people to find the year moved, but also touched the hearts of many middle-aged people. But if you want to see the most complete works, or recommend the TV version of the. The second row is "ORANGE". Because it involves the theme of changing the past from the future. A lot of people tend to think: if there is regret medicine in the world! This work gives us unlimited imagination space. At the same time, ranked fourth in the "ReLIFE" is a similar theme, it seems to be able to arouse the resonance of middle-aged people. In addition, in the third row is the "leaf" Zhiting. Although this works from the popularity than "five seconds" or "now hit your name. "But the story itself, or let a person look after marvel. As for the fifth Works is "the penguin" rotary tank, works not only very artistic, and into the end of the last century some of the real events, this is the middle-aged audience experience, so perhaps more feeling? [even love the animation more than and 40 year old audience would be moved by the works of first "no name]" second "ORANGE" third "leaf" Zhiting Fourth "ReLIFE" fifth "tank" rotary Penguin download Tencent anime APP, more popular animation works相关的主题文章: