UK Championship index analysis adverse Bristol wins – converting Sohu zhongguorentiyishu

UK Championship index analysis: adverse Bristol – Sohu converting wins the British Championships: Portsmouth VS Bristol Rovers game time: 2016 11.09 Wednesday 03:45 asian handicap: 0.78 Portsmouth -0.25 Bristol Rovers Europe 1.10 index: 2.90 3.25 2.27 prospective events: Wednesday morning UK Championship, again fierce competition, Portsmouth last season in the second upgrade in Plymouth lost the playoff loss, eventually regret to go forward one chance, the new season opens, although in Portsmouth with 24 points in the second fifth standings, but the team in the UK Championship performance is just passable, the Portsmouth in the A group only received 1 points, qualifying the situation is very serious, this must be with the home court advantage to competitors; the same with Portsmouth, the Bracey Support stray also only 1 points in the group in the bottom, but the team has been on the UK Championship to do things carelessly attitude, so dismal performance is not surprising, but the Bristol Rovers season has just upgraded to one, has now won 26 races in League one additional steady upgrade, so the team focuses on the League. I’m afraid the road is free to deal with. Analysis of ball handicap: think tank institutions stray guest Let hemisphere make flat chupan Bristow, most of the institutions on early ginseng has reached super high water, although shortly after the water level has dropped slightly, but still in the high water interval, the author thinks that the current level of confidence, after all Risto stray Little on the UK Championship interest, plus the team nearly 3 times in Portsmouth were eating defeat, the game still choose Portsmouth unbeaten. SMG recommended: 1 Asian recommended: Portsmouth (+0.25)相关的主题文章: