U2 film director recalled Paris fear of violence after a year still can not help but tears (video) coinwatch

U2 band director Yi Paris fear of violence experienced after a year still can not help but cry [Abstract] Hamilton said, as the victims of violent terrorist attacks in Paris and on the city’s tribute band U2 decided to do this show. Director Hamish Hamilton (Hamish Hamilton) · U2 In a Little "While" "Hollywood reporter" Chinese station reported on November 13th (author: Shirley Halperin) director Hamish Hamilton (Hamish · Hamilton) the scene has a very rich live experience, his company Done+Dusted is responsible for many large broadcast live TV programs, such as various the ceremony’s fashion show and the 2012 London Olympic games. Hundreds of people live in harmony, both the camera operator, audio experts or stage and lighting designer, he is a veteran, but in November 13, 2015 that known to the world event, there is nothing he can prepare in advance. That night, he was in charge of a very large live performance – U2 "Innocence + Experience" world tour of the Paris station! This broadcast by HBO television show held in the hotel arena, less than two miles from the rock club the Bataclan. After two days of light and flight testing, the band entered the dress rehearsal stage, but during the U2 band rather baffling left the stage, it could be the "first signs of things began to go wrong". After the terrorist attacks that killed 130 people in Paris, Hamilton said in his first interview with the billboard magazine. Puzzled by the sudden disappearance of Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen, Hamilton came to the back of the room, eager to find some answers to the question, "why did we stop it?" asked When can we start again? We have a lot of work to do!" "We were told that there was a security problem," he recalls. "And a bigger story began to unfold." What follows, has become one of the darkest chapters in the history of music – the radical Islamist terrorist attack on the Eagles of Death Metal, California. U2 and hundreds of staff also pushed to the front of a global crisis: they are not sure leave the stadium immediately, and through the city is to ensure safety, but also not sure the second night show is still on schedule. "We felt very close to the center of the global event, which was very scary and confusing." Hamilton said: "even after a year, it is difficult for us to express the confusion, instability and fear, the whole of Paris are under attack." In fact, when social media and the network spread a Paris Kampuchea相关的主题文章: