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U.S. media said the U.S. military procurement of more than 100 aircraft P8A can attack submarine China data figure: U.S. P-8A Poseidon anti submarine patrol aircraft, the U.S. Navy "times" website on November 4th published an article that, at first glance, the U.S. Navy’s new aircraft and the aircraft did not seem to be generally what two. Until you see signs under the wings to the P-8A Poseidon reconnaissance aircraft. The aircraft can carry rack of some of the most terrible weapons, such as heat seeking Sidewinder missiles or harpoon anti-ship missiles. It can be built on the basis of the Boeing 737 fuselage, but make no mistake: P-8A is a military aircraft. With the EA-18G "roaring" electronic warfare aircraft flying outside the flight line, the U.S. Navy announced a new aircraft training center. The Navy sees the new aircraft as the core effort to deter potential adversaries like russia. The United States Navy patrol and reconnaissance brigade commander Kell · rear admiral Kozad said in an interview with reporters, the most advanced aircraft not only support the return to Asia strategy, but also re emerged in the Atlantic in the Russian threat deterrence. P-8 was developed by Boeing 737, but unlike Boeing, P-8 is not used to transport passengers between airports. The purpose of building P-8 is to kill submarines. Kozad said: "the demand for this aircraft is on anti submarine warfare, it can provide a kind of US Navy currently have no other way to provide remote rapid response capability." Kozad was a professional pilot who had flown P-3 "Orion" Sea Patrol aircraft. The early days of his career were the task of executing the Soviet Union during the cold war. He said: "(Navy) has been a focus on Afghanistan and Iraq non traditional land task, so we took a holiday in antisubmarine warfare." He made it clear that the interruption is now over. Kozad and other The Pentagon leaders are increasingly concerned about advanced submarines in Russia and China, which could harass and threaten the safety of U.S. ships. Enter the P-8A era. The navy is purchasing more than and 100 aircraft P-8A Poseidon reconnaissance aircraft to replace the P-3 reconnaissance fleet of aging. The pilots will be hunting training in this new P-8A fleet training center. The center covers an area of 103 thousand square feet (about 9569 square meters). The crew is here to learn how to fly and operate the aircraft. When I visited this large facility that was not allowed to enter the country, we saw the weapons tactical trainer and combat flight trainer. By 2020, the fleet will be replaced by P-8A aircraft. The P-8 project is a great project. It is also a clear message to the outside world, that is, the United States Navy ready to fight against the threat posed by some countries such as North Korea, Iran, China and russia. The introduction of the new aircraft reconnaissance antisubmarine fighter fleet is just the beginning. As captain Dave of the U.S. Navy’s thirtieth patrol squadron, ·, said that its configurable system makes it possible to catch up with the rapid change and development of the threat of """相关的主题文章: