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U.S. media column of Russia’s future 5 strongest weapon list   Amata tanks topped (Figure) – Military – people.com.cn according to Russian satellite news network September 12th news, Kell of the "national interest" magazine expert? The future of the 5 Russian Mizo Kami lists the strongest weapon list, these weapons will be in 2030 before entering the Russian service. In the first row in the list is in general crawler platform T-14 Amata tanks. It is a great leap from Russian technology: equipped with multi-layer composite armor, unmanned turret, active and passive integrated protection system. In addition, it is estimated that T-14 is a tank with stealth coating. According to experts, there are thousands of tanks to the Russian army Arsenal modernization upgrade. T-15 caterpillar infantry chariots in the list there is a built in Amata chassis armored vehicles — promising. Mizo Kami said: "the Russian army had been away from the unprotected infantry to become" cannon fodder "era, now with the new T-15 infantry chariot, the Russian army is one of the most protected troops on the battlefield." In addition, Mizo Kami pointed out that the Russian Soviet "alligator" card -52 helicopter is upgrade and transformation. Instead of developing a new product, it has decided to adapt the existing equipment to the new conditions. In the "future weapons" list and developed during the cold war "Islamic Kandel -M" tactical missile system. "Islamic Kandel -M" has the incomparable precision, range and power. "Islamic Kandel" a range of 599 kilometers, with the help of GRANAS and GPS system, the missile hit accuracy (error) in half the cases of 5-7 meters. 5 weapons in the last one is Kalashnikov sniper rifle, it will replace the Soviet, and later in the Russian army de Lagunov sniper rifle since 1963. (Zhai Luman) to (Intern Wang Lujia,   commissioning editor: Liu Juntao)相关的主题文章: