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Beauty If you have always been jealous of the perfect bodies flaunted by those on-screen and want to have that perfect body yourself, body-shaping procedures are what you should be considering. Body shaping surgery (also known as body contouring) consists of a variety of body sculpting techniques utilized by cosmetic surgeons to reshape any part of the body. By undergoing this procedure, patients will be able to eliminate unwanted skin and fat that do not respond to exercise and diet. Cosmetic surgeons use different body sculpting techniques to help patients get toned, lean figures. This includes arm lifts, thigh lifts and body lifts. Arm Lift Brachioplasty (the technical term for an arm lift) is a procedure used to remove unwanted skin onthe upper arm. Skin generally loses its elasticity through sudden weight loss or natural ageing. This procedure will tone and tighten the upper arm, giving the patient a youthful contour. Patients who have unwanted fat on their arms can get liposuction in addition to other cosmetic procedures for even better results. A number of patients who did not like to wear revealing clothes or raise their arm above their head, have found their self-confidence boosted by this procedure. Thigh Lift Thighplasty (otherwise known as a thigh lift) is a more popularoption for patients who want firmer upper legs. Just like lift procedures done to any specific part of the body, thighplasty will help tighten and tone loose, unwanted, or hanging skin. A variety of thigh lift procedures can be undertaken, depending on what the patient requires, as well ashis or her goals. Surgeons can utilize a medial, bilateral, or inner thigh lift to get rid of unwanted skin. This procedure is generally done along with liposuction surgery to get the mostsatisfactory results. Body Lift Patients who have a large amount of hanging or unwanted skin in many parts of the body would be better off going for a body lift surgery, which will cover more areas of the body. Since this procedure is more extensive, it can target all parts of the body, or just particular parts. Total body lifts are a good option for patients for whom loss of skin elasticity is a problem all overtheir body. Though a full body lift procedure is more .plicated and involves more downtime, doctors will generally be able to provide better aesthetic results with this procedure. It can cover all parts of the patients body where fat and unwanted skin generally accumulates: the breast, arms, buttocks, thighs, hips, and abdomen. Theseare just some of the body shaping procedures available. To know more about other procedures, visit your nearest Charlotte doctor so that he will be able to discuss all the options available to you before you make a final decision. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: