Two people threw mud to fight because of note to report to huopei 100 yuan in

Two people threw mud to fight because of note to report to huopei $100 – Beijing, an online news according to the Anhui Daily reported because of a trivial dispute, Zhang Ming (a pseudonym) home by Zhang Jun (a pseudonym) into the mud, Ming Jia Zhang Jun also wrote a window posters: Zhang Ming and live with rubbish. So Zhang Ming was very angry, angrily to Zhang Jun on the court. Recently, the Hefei intermediate people’s court made a final decision on the matter. Zhang Ming, who lives in a district of Hefei, Shushan, said that last November 23rd, Zhang Jun threw mud to his home, and the other side of the curtain, the window blinds the window. After the incident, Zhang Ming is looking for someone to repair the louver window 50 yuan, including labor costs and material costs, and in order to clean the house in the mud, he had to go home to clean up, spent 200 yuan. Two disputes or because patrimony caused. Zhang Ming said that he was Zhang Jun harassed dozens of times, so the prosecution to the court, requesting the court sentenced Zhang Jun to compensate for the damage of the kitchen blinds repair costs 50 yuan, cleaning the mud waste cleaning fee of 200 yuan, a total of 250 yuan. Shushan district court hearing the case. Zhang Ming for Sue, Zhang Jun said that he will only cloth curtain, throw mud to Zhang Ming in the home, and did not hit the shutters, blinds repairs not recognized. The court held that Zhang Jun threw garbage into the home of Zhang Ming, the cost of cleaning up the garbage due to the emergence of the responsibility should be borne by the president of the United States by the Chinese people’s Republic of China, the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States, the court found that the cost of. Zhang Ming advocated to clean up the garbage fee of 200 yuan, due to the failure to provide valid evidence, so discretion is 100 yuan, Zhang Jun should be compensated. Zhang Ming claims that Zhang Jun compensation for its Venetian blinds repair costs 50 yuan, but did not provide valid evidence to prove that the damage to the shutter and the relevance of the Zhang Jun, it does not support. Final Shushan district court decision, Zhang Jun compensation for 100 yuan fee Zhang Mingqing. Zhang Ming refused to accept the decision of the appeal, recently, Hefei City Intermediate People’s court upheld.相关的主题文章: