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Travel-and-Leisure When it .es to luxury designer watches, most people think of these .panies and brands that are hundreds of years old, like the Bulova Watch .pany or Patek Philippe, both of which date back to the 19th century. That doesn’t mean there isn’t enough room for a new watch brand to pop up on the scene… and when it .es to the oversized TW Steel watches, a lot of room is something very necessary. It was in Amsterdam back in 2005 that Jordy and Ton Cobelens founded TW Steel. The .pany started with four high-quality premium watch models that featured "a striking, trendy oversized design and an affordable price point." Just five years later, there are now over 120 TW Steel Watches models available all over the globe, in over 80 different countries, as well as a plethora of different online watch distributors. Jordy Cobelens is now the TW Steel CEO while Ton Cobelens acts as the Chief Design Officer. Their official website describes the TW Steel Watches brand as being "unique amongst its rivals, concentrating exclusively on continuing to develop and lead the oversized watch market." "TW Steel, the name meaning ‘The Watch in Steel,’ has rapidly established itself as a big, bold, lifestyle brand…. Successfully .bining design and innovation, TW Steel offers a defined sense of individuality with style and quality assured. Put simply, wearing a TW Steel makes a powerful statement." The official logo of TW Steel watches is two bold dots, which are intended to symbolize the two values and philosophies the .pany claims to stand by. The two core values are the promise to .bine reliable, innovative, and cutting edge watch technology with unique modern designs. For many, TW Steel Watches are the ideal watch for an individual who believes they are larger than life, mainly because the majority of TW Steel watches are quite large themselves. A high majority of the TW Steel watches are also water resistant, able to sustain massive shocks, and are known for being able to take a bigger beating than any other designer watch. Nothing symbolizes the tough resiliency of the TW Steel .pany more than their partnership with Formula-1 Race Car Driver Dario Franchitti. The Scottish racing driver won the Indianapolis 500 in 2007, and recently clinched the Indy Car Series for the 2010 season. And no one was happier about that victory than Harry Gibbings, the TW Steel Head of Global Sponsorships, who said: "Dario richly deserves this success after a tremendous 2010 season, which of course included his second win at the ‘Indy 500’ back in May. We launched the ‘TW Steel Dario Franchitti’ special edition the week before the ‘Indy 500’ and the model has proved to be exceptionally popular, just like the man himself!" And like they say on their official website, there is no denying that wearing oversized TW Steel Watches makes a powerful statement. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: