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Arts-and-Entertainment So you made it through Monday and are just getting to the end of your work day on Tuesday. The only two decisions you have left to make for today are; what to eat for supper and what TV shows to watch tonight. Below are some re.mendations on great television to watch on Tuesday night. Running Wilde (9:30 pm EST on Fox) Steven Wilde (Will Arnett) is a Beverly Hills millionaire who ends up falling in love with a friend from his past Emmy Kadubic (Keri Russell). Emmy and Steven could not be more different. Steven is focused on money and stuff where Emmy is concerned with helping people and the environment. Will Arnett is perfect for this role as it seems very similar to the role he played on Arrested Development. How will the two individuals and ideals clash? Find out on Running Wilde on FOX. Detroit 1-8-7 (10 pm EST on ABC) If you are looking for another entertaining crime drama to add to your list check out Detroit 1-8-7. This show takes us to some of the toughest streets in America, Detroit, Michigan. Not only will there be difficult cases to solve but the group will have to learn to work through their unique personalities to do it. This show is sure to be packed with drama and action as well as some light .edy. If you are going to watch this show you will have to stay up late as it is on ABC at 10 pm EST. Raising Hope (9 pm EST on FOX) Another new .edy on FOX is from the creators of My Name Is Earl called Raising Hope. Jimmy Chance (Lucas Neff) a young man was left with his daughter and has no idea where to start. He will need the help of his family, who didn’t do much of a job raising him, to help teach him the ropes of fatherhood. Raising Hope will definitely have some opportunities for situational .edy but time will tell if this show will be a hit. Raising Hope follows one of the most popular shows on television, Glee, on FOX. Glee (8 pm EST on Fox) The cast of the hit show Glee is back this year and better than ever. One of the greatest parts of this show is the musical arrangement and performances that we get to enjoy week in and week out. The entire cast of Glee is incredibly talented vocally and the arrangements that are created each week highlight all of their voices beautifully. The show does a great job tackling some of the issues that high school students face today but at the same time not taking themselves too seriously. If you enjoy musical .edies this show is a must see on Tuesday nights. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: