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Chinese composition proposition of Trump, is likely to start a trade war – Sohu news paper Lu Fei election a surprise, even Trump had the last laugh; Hilary is quite good, the initiative to call Trump, this is you. Analysis on the outcome of the election: why not Hilary in scoring, Trump why successful host, this article will not repeat them. We have been watching, and now you can care about the next topic, Trump will be how to write in front of him, one of the proposition composition: china. 1, 2, anti globalization and isolationism help key necessary to win Trump Trump FuPan simple, see a picture (blue – red – Hilary, the democratic republican party?? Trump):     document, Microsoft will be based on big data, before the election of the nation’s total of 18 "swing states" – – which is Trump scored 11 (black), Hilary scored 7 (Huang Dian); look at before the vote election forecast map:     Microsoft will be based on big data, we list the six "critical state" (Huang Dian). After the two contrast can be found: (1) the first is voting "swing" and "key", Trump won two, Hilary in two other states have only a slight advantage; (2) before the vote two in favour of the Democratic Party of the "key", by Trump all take; (3) all the "critical state" and "swing states" most are concentrated in the traditional industrialization, rich, the east coast and the northeast region, indicating that the local voters turned to support Trump’s ruling idea, including anti globalization and protectionism. (4) mentioned below, the global stock index plunged lead in Trump, seven hours after the rebound, that financial markets already accept this fact and begin to digest the concept of Trump. Anti globalization and isolationism, simply said, is the United States not to foreign enterprises set up factories, Americans can earn money not to let foreigners earn, not helping allies who against the white power. Trump hates globalization to what extent? For example, TPP — the trans Pacific Partnership Agreement, known as the "economic NATO", although the surface is not for China but Obama said, "return to Asia’s economic framework. Obama has spent five years, managed to convince Japan, Australia, Vietnam, draw a circle in the Chinese side, but Trump do not pleasing to the eye, he came to estimate would be wasted. Of course, not against TPP on behalf of Trump China has this aspect below. 2, contrast, Trump didn’t have China to Russia in the election has not yet ended, Trump by 222 to 209 votes, CNN headlines with a title: the global stock market flash crash.   the three major U.S. stock index futures two hit the fuse, the Nikkei 225 index fell to three month low, Hongkong’s Hang Seng Index fell 2.79%. MSCI emerging markets index hit in June 24th (when the British returned to Europe)相关的主题文章: