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Tragedy! Miami right knee injured star accident time no conclusion – Sports Sohu   Beijing on September 10th news, from the "YAHOO" sports reporter Samas Chalaniya reported that informed sources, Miami guard Josh Richardson right knee medial collateral ligament tear. At this stage, no specific timetable without Richardson. Richardson is in today’s training during the injured right knee, he was in the dunk after landing, the knee felt discomfort. The news source said, the 22 year-old’s comeback schedule will be based on the progress of his recovery. On the lineup this summer, a larger change in the heat, Richardson accidentally injured on the team is not a small blow. Rookie season, Richardson remarkable performance, he played in 52 games, including 2 starts, averaging 21.3 minutes over 6.6 points 2.1 rebounds and 1.4 assists, three points and shooting rate of 46.1%. In Dwayne – Wade to Chicago, the general view is that, instead of lightning, will become the new season, the heat of the first point guard of the. Richardson is not only a trusted wing defender, has good athletic ability, while shooting ability is worth affirmation. In the offseason, he focused on strengthening the training of the ball. Whether it is Richardson himself, or heat management, are looking forward to his 16-17 season to increase the play. 2015 draft, the heat in the second round of the fortieth selected from the University of Tennessee Richardson. The playoffs last season with a shoulder injury, Richardson is on the warpath and coach Eric Spoelstra’s most trusted players. During the playoffs, Richardson averaged 27.6 minutes, with a score of 6.6 points and 1.6 rebounds to help account for the 3.6. In the case of Richardson injured, Duhem Vitesse had an opportunity to be Miami starting point guard in the new season. (Jim)相关的主题文章: