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Tragedy maker! From 1-5 to 5-0 in all of North and super 9 team 6 team double – Sohu sports North 5-0 Hong Kong Shi Ke helpless blunder AFC Champions League lonely figure 14 finals, Hong Kong on the road to 0-5 defeat to the north, which also makes the North’s nemesis in continuation. Look forward to the super stadium, with the North break wrist, and only Guangzhou Hengda and Jiangsu suning. The north in the same super teams, with 14 wins, 5 draws and 6 defeats occupy an absolute advantage, winning percentage as high as 56%. Including Dalian Shide, Shanghai Shenhua, Changchun Yatai, Tianjin TEDA, Shandong Luneng and Beijing Guoan team, have killed all of the north. The 2004 season, Jeonbuk Hyundai with Shanghai Shenhua with points in a group. The two sides in the two round of the contest, even present situation, each won a 1-0. The 2006 season, Jeonbuk Hyundai with Dalian Shide in the same group, the two sides also each victory. Group phase at the end of the round two territories, Shide in a draw line under the condition of 1-3 to rival was eliminated, the North has since become the super team. In 14 finals, the north with Shanghai Shenhua in the two round of the contest, with a total score of 4-3 out of opponents, AFC Champions League broke into the semi-finals. The next three years, the team did not hit the whole north. Until the 2010 season, the team met again with the whole north. This time, Changchun were all double lead North Yatai group out of the north, smooth qualify. The 2011 season, the North group phase successfully beat Luneng, and in the 18 final home court 3-0 in TEDA, obtained AFC Champions League eight qualification. The 2012 season, the constant brigade to create a super Kaiserslautern miracle, for the first time in AFC Champions League, the North finally met as super rivals. Hengda in AFC Champions League debut, was shocking away 5-1 defeat north! But the second round, the whole North away to 3-1 revenge. Hengda eventually won the first group, the North group stage will be eliminated, which also allows Chinese football finally tasted the joy of revenge all north. The 2013 season, Hengda Group phase again with full experience, this time the two sides were evenly divided, two round tie, but the North won the group first beat hengda. The 2014 season, Hengda and two round north sides of the competition, each victory is equal to the situation, Hengda again beat the North won the group first. The League for three years, the north in the same Hengda conversation, accounting for no less than the cheap, but into the wind. 2015 season, the whole North finally get rid of Hengda, team encounter with luneng. Finally, the north and south of the host and guest to 4-1 victory over Luneng, the two round of the record reached a staggering 8-2! It also makes the whole North beat Luneng, it won the group. 18 final face Guoan, the North made 1 wins and 1 draws in the record, but also to eliminate the opponent’s total score 2-1. The 2016 season, all with Suning in the group phase encounter, north to 1 flat 1 negative record at a disadvantage, this is the original Hengda also did not do. Unfortunately, Suning group phase was eliminated, including Suning life and death battle away 2-2 draw with North, for failing to take)相关的主题文章: