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Topic: whether the star will become the two dimension propaganda weapon in recent days, there should be a lot of people are concerned about the "king of the sea" theatrical performance, right? Whether or not you like the story of the work, at least, even if the feelings, it is worth to go to the cinema. And just a few days ago, TFBOYS’s Wang Junkai on micro-blog drying out their own theater version of the photo, the results caused a lot of forwarding. This is also reflected in the side of the star now and animation has been getting closer and closer. Perhaps this time to see the pirates among the people, there is a considerable part of the impact of this micro-blog. So whether the star will become the promotion of the two dimension? In today’s topic, let’s talk! [View: the stars lead, the two dimension also hope] although there may be a lot of people are not convinced, but have to admit that in today’s era, the influence of the stars is not ordinary people can match the. When we open a number of social platforms, perhaps some stars just greetings good morning, can easily get thousands of forwarding. And if they give Amway fans something interesting, so fans are often willing to buy it. Prior to the discussion with the mother Penguin why black people will diffuse, when it comes to propaganda too much emphasis on feelings, patriotism, but the result was the phenomenon of Internet users dislike. But if the stars stand up to promote the initiative, then the effect is completely different. Like this Wang Junkai’s micro-blog, currently has nearly 200 thousand forwarding. What does this mean? Even if a forwarding only 10 people can see, this is equal to cover to the 2 million. Such influence is definitely not the ordinary animation fans can reflect the tap water. Say, when a few years ago, superstar Jay Chou played for a country man voice, result at that time has become a hot topic, played a very good role. And in the future, if some of the animation works can be just right to invite the star to speak, or let the stars to help propaganda, perhaps also can get more praise. Although it may therefore cost more than publicity costs, but to drop the money in some outdoor advertising, Internet advertising and the Navy (here is not pejorative, because any publicity cannot do without these elements), as the concentrated resources capture a star, the star to make Amway fans, may effect will be better. Of course, at the same time the quality of the animation itself can not be too water, otherwise it will only play a role in it? So, do not spend all of the budget on the star oh! View two: This is the star with the win in the two dimension] when we talk about the role of the star to the two dimension of publicity, many people tend to give a positive evaluation. After all, many stars have the influence of opinion leaders, many advertisers are looking for them as spokesmen, but also because they can bring better sales of their products. Therefore, to invite celebrities to promote the two dimension, we are absolutely in favor of. However, does not mean that the stars to promote the two dimension, just to take the money. In fact, in some cases, the star will also hook up with the two dimension, resulting in more fans. More representative, it should be Kun brother]相关的主题文章: