Top 4 Venues To Watch The Fifa 2010 World Cup In

Vacation-Rentals As difficult as the IOC finds it to .prehend, a significant percentage of the world’s population doesn’t really care about the Olympics … but lives for the World Cup! If you’re backpacking around Sydney and won’t be in your own lounge room to watch the FIFA World Cup being played in South Africa this year, don’t stress. Sydney has plenty of sports bars, and your Sydney backpacker hostel will have plenty of people willing to be your referee-abusing partners! Here are the top places in Sydney to watch the FIFA World Cup this year. At the official FanFest Sydney is one of only seven cities across the entire world to host an official FIFA fanfest for the game.. so if you’re in the city, you might as well check it out! The event will be televised live on a floating screen on the day. The venue is in Darling Harbour, so you should have no trouble making it over there from your city central backpackers in Sydney. The Oaks Hotel If you want to make a decent day of watching the World Cup, head over to The Oaks in Neutral Bay. The pub is a little old school, with coloured glass lampshades and tartan carpet.. but hey, they do sports, not design! The steak here is great, but if you are trying to save a few bucks, there are also public barbeques available in the beer garden. An awesome choice for World Cup day! Oneworld Sports in Parramatta Oneworld Sports in Parramatta is a lot more focused on the game – you can get a drink and something to snack on, but the focus will always be on the world’s most famous ball for that second in time. The venue is wired for 18,000 watts of sound (no chance for the players to hide their ref bashing from you, even across one of the world’s largest oceans!). A g.eous modern venue.. and the screens are massive. Churchill’s Sports Bar If you’ve seen any other sports bar across the rest of Australia, you’ve seen Churchills. The drink selection, food and venue here are pretty standard – but they are close to many city central backpackers in Sydney, beer is cheap and the atmosphere is very non-threatening. Little chance of a soccer riot at Churchill’s! GPO Sports Bar Put your clean shoes on and practice shouting at the ref as quietly as possible.. GPO Sports Bar in Sydney is a great place to watch the world cup if you’re more of a red wine and cheese gal than a beer and nuts bloke! There’s a single big screen here, and if you want a more peaceful venue to watch the World Cup than the official fanfest, GPO is perfect. Backpackers often miss out on important events back home because of their travels – the World Cup doesn’t have to be one of them! Grab a couple of willing souls from your backpacker hostel in Sydney and head off to one of these awesome venues. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: