To perform the mainland for the first time in December 28th landed in Beijing, Museum (video)-mcncc

S the mainland for the first time on stage to sing in December 28th landed in Beijing, the Tencent Museum entertainment news December 28th Asian Star Entertainment -I Do "romantic new year Juxian – to love" tour Beijing Railway Station, the Workers Stadium sweet start. "Diva" led by Jolin "fashion days Elva Hsiao, popular days Angela Chang," variety days "Elephant DEE s (Xu Xidi) all the days in Beijing to sing the theme song" love ". As the concert host variety large coffee Mickey Huang, and Elephant DEE will (s) the mainland for the first time on the same stage, a strong lineup, much of the audience expect. For the love of the new year, at the end of the romantic days groups sing love, are the same soul living in two different bodies; love is the heart and the exchange of experience. A variety of red things, always in the torrent of time appear and disappear, but about " love " this theme, such as diamonds in general bright, eternal, has been lingering in your side. Popular, as has been in love with the taste of the entertainment stars in Asia the most romantic gift for lovers, love for an exclusive custom "love" of the concert, and the days of youth idol play finding love in Song melody. Sentimental, nervous, warm…… every love and love chapter, all smart romantic music. It is reported that the organizers in the concert guest lineup selection is forever, Jolin, Elva Hsiao, Angela Chang, Xu Xidi, after the group as "love" sung at the end of 2016, is also quite rare! The four-dimensional panoramic scene present, "concert repertoire director group 520" + "1314" two files to witness the promise of love couples tickets this concert is choreographed, song to love the name of the main melody, showing a sweet romantic love music tour for fans love to salute! This stage by carefully designed four Taiwan, Taiwan is the biggest characteristic of four zero distance interaction, and strive for the fans to exhibit a stage to create 360 panoramic four-dimensional visual feast, let the fans can close this field full of love concert. The concert organizers also launched only two files for the love done "romantic couple packages," Liangxiaowucai "couple packages (2): 520 yuan stands, and born of a couple packages (2): 1314 yuan stands, speak of love! Just to make you not lonely, invite the people you love, love you, and love the people together to watch the concert. I Do "- Love" tour Beijing Railway Station time: December 28, 2016 Venue: Beijing Workers Stadium fare: 520 (two) 1314 (two) s, Sherry Peihemoqi scene Biao song, hey turn the audience相关的主题文章: