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Tibet leader Wu Yingjie took office full moon – the new policy focus of precise poverty in new network Lhasa on 28 September, (Yang Chengchen) Tibet leaders Wu Yingjie took office in September 28th full moon. Party secretary of the autonomous region as the first indigenous culture, the new government policy will focus on taking office precise poverty. Recently, Liu Yongfu, director of China’s State Council Poverty Alleviation Office in Tibet and other officials of the conference call in, once again, to ensure that Tibet in 2020 and the country into a comprehensive well-off society. Tibet is currently in the fight against poverty, the key period to achieve a comprehensive well-off. A month ago, Wu Yingjie talked about the key points on several occasions. At this time, the first task is significant, two is still grim situation. At present, Tibet is the only Chinese in various provinces and cities all poor areas. After September, Wu Yingjie began as the "number one" for the first time to go to Tibet, the highest and most difficult conditions in Naqu area, the economic development and ecological protection, improve people’s livelihood and other work carried out investigation and study. The first stop to choose this intention profound. Wu Yingjie visited to resettle, "three projects" heat plants and water purification plant, people’s Hospital, after the request of, the next step, to improve people’s livelihood, the cohesion of the people as the economic and social development of the starting point and the foothold, adhere to the people’s livelihood priorities, people’s livelihood first move, the more the money and effort to tilt to the grassroots agricultural and pastoral areas, efforts to solve the people most concerned about the most direct and practical interests, let the people of all ethnic groups sharing the fruits of reform and development and stability. In September 16th, Wu Yingjie to Lhasa city Dagar Qushui County Township, township is satisfied only to resettle the investigation work. He pointed out that in the new house of poor households, poverty alleviation, relocation is the priority among priorities of poverty alleviation, poor people must be in after the relocation, strengthen job training, strengthening the skill training by poor people, to move, to industry, to teach out of poverty and industrial poverty, to achieve poverty alleviation and sustainable the development of. We should vigorously strengthen the building of grassroots organizations, grassroots party organizations and leaders to play a leading role in the vanguard and exemplary role, to lead the masses to change ideas, update ideas, get rid of poverty. The same month, Wu Yingjie also went to the forest road, Lin Shan high mountain tunnel, Lhasa, and other places to visit, every one will improve the well-being of the people, building a beautiful Tibet". According to statistics, Wu Yingjie stated in his first month in more than half and "poor people out of poverty is closely related to Tibet on schedule". As a veritable Tibetan two generation, Wu Yingjie in Tibet have worked at all levels, to understand the importance of the Tibet region as a whole out of poverty. In LGOP forum, Wu Yingjie said, the next step, the autonomous region will be in accordance with the central deployment requirements, adhere to poverty alleviation and development and safeguard national unity and strengthen national unity of this focus and the combination of the focal point, and promote the development and improvement of people’s livelihood, ecological protection and other key combination, find out of poverty the carrier, give the power determined to win the battle of poverty. This year, the Tibet autonomous region plans to increase the per capita disposable income of the poor by more than 16% over the whole year相关的主题文章: