Tibet center spot protocol nineteenth Chinese show radical career fair new network – in shiyang

Tibet center spot protocol nineteenth Chinese show radical career fair – Beijing, Beijing, September 8,   today, the nineteenth session of the Chinese fair in Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition center. With the China World Trade Center conference, UNIDO and 7 heads of international organizations, as well as from more than and 100 countries, politicians, businessmen, scholars and television audiences around the world witnessed this moment. After the opening ceremony, Tibet center spot protocol division in the international finance exhibition was officially opened. Tibet center spot protocol division under the Tibet commodity trading center, for the first time this year to participate in the Fair (located in the international finance exhibition No. C5101), because it created a new model of domestic spot commodity trading legal compliance, by the industry and customers around the attention, customers from around the globe have come to visit the exchange, to look for development opportunities. Tibet commodity trading center is a comprehensive commodity trading market is currently in Tibet only three provincial government approved the establishment of the investment market, is the window of Tibet focus on building and comprehensive financial services platform, and in July the first on-line operation spot transaction mode protocol. The mode of economic development in Tibet to serve as its mission, with the difference of the central support for the development of Tibet financial policy, through a series of financial innovation, to achieve legal compliance transaction mode approved by the state, the commodity of Tibet city as the main trading products, to create the best platform for collection from all over the world ", to open up communication and connection bridge area, Tibet and the Middle East Department of real industry and financial capital, enterprise and industry chain, to help Tibet complete the task of tackling financial poverty alleviation. This fair for a period of 4 days (September 8th to 11), the scale of the history. The fair is known as the "Chinese window   the world platform, Tibet center spot trading agreement division for the first time on the world stage costumes, is also the only one spot market exhibitors. Therefore, in the exhibition hall design have great originality, clever fusion of Tibet, Tibetan red, colorful prayer flags and racing yak games, blue sky, Tibet silver and gold, the characteristics of Tibet wealth and other financial elements, vividly show a good image of Tibet stock market, Tibet propaganda policy advantage, let the customers in you can feel the strong flavor of Tibet and development opportunities. Welcome to pay attention to financial innovation, focus on the development of commodity markets friend communication negotiations, but also can log on the official website: the only spot protocol model http: xhxy.xzex.cc, or WeChat search xianhuoxieyi attention spot agreement mode only public official number, participate in interactive communication.相关的主题文章: