Three Shashi first real property right certificate t6670

Three Shashi first real property right certificate original title: three real right certificate ceremony held in the South China Sea, South China Sea Yongxing Island network client Haikou on October 27th news (South China Sea network reporter Gao Peng correspondent Song Qilai) in October 26th, according to the national unified deployment, Shashi real property right certificate ceremony held in Yongxing Island, which marks the three Shashi into the new stage of real estate unified registration, but also three Shashi "rights, stability, protection and development of the actual needs. Deputy Secretary of Sansha municipal Dong pointed out in his speech, Sansha municipal government attaches great importance to the work of real estate registration, overcome staffing less, body height reduction, time and other difficulties, the careful design, to take effective measures to set up in a short period of time the real estate registration center, arrange two offices, the establishment of real estate accept the registration window, the establishment of information management infrastructure platform, the realization of real estate registration, issued on the "four unified" real property right certificate, the registration system of real estate comprehensive landing. The starting ceremony, director of the Ministry of land cadastral management division (real estate registration bureau) Leng Hongzhi, director of Guangzhou Bureau of state land inspector Wu Haiyang, provincial department director Chen Jianchun, deputy secretary of municipal Party committee will be the first batch of Sansha Adon respectively real property right certificate issued to the relevant units. It is understood that in the future the country will be unified payment of immovable property certificates, land ownership certificates issued in the past, real estate certificates and other certificates will be replaced by a unified real estate title certificate. Three Shashi real right certificate issued also marks the Hainan Province real property right certificate to stop new old hair work completed.相关的主题文章: