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Three Japanese royal palace of Prince Li died has been involved in the assassination of Tojo E – the Sohu news according to Japan’s Kyodo news news October 27th, the Japanese Imperial Household Agency revealed that the emperor Showa’s younger brother, Prince Mikasa Takahito, 27, died at the age of 100. He is the oldest royal family since the Meiji period, the Japanese royal family is the first one hundred years old. Prince Mikasa Takahito was born in December 2, 1915 is the emperor and empress Ching Ming is the fourth prince, is today in the 82 year of emperor Akihito’s uncle. Live in Tokyo, japan. Beijing reports, Prince Mikasa Takahito in 1935 was awarded the three li palace title, on 1936 in the Japanese military academy graduated 48, after learning in Xi Zhiye cavalry school and Army University etc.. In 1941, Prince Mikasa Takahito and lily. Married with ningzi prince, Prince tomohito, Yi Ren, Rong son Prince, Prince of a total of three men and two women Xian ren. Third child has passed away. According to the global network reported that during World War II, Prince Mikasa Miya served as captain of Japanese invaders in Nanjing headquarters staff, is the "unofficial members of peace", associated with the Japanese military forces against Tojo E, had been plotting a coup, assassination of Tojo Hide, appointed Chinese dispatched military commander, but the coup failed. Prince Mikasa Miya of the Japanese invasion of China during the violence, looting carries great dissatisfaction. In January 5, 1944, Prince Mikasa Miya spoke as "the heart of Japanese China incident reflection" during the war, the Sino Japanese War of aggression in Japan since the listing China fact, expose the Japanese military atrocities of Japan, said Chinese is "no, plunder.", "the Communist Party of China army pointed out the relationship between men and women very seriously, the people of rape is equal to the unique; discipline is particularly strict, not the Japanese army can match", in this case, if the Chinese Communists do not "rampant", it will become the first major miracle of the seven wonders of the world. He said: "in my opinion, such a Japanese army, is not against the Communist Party of china". This speech has caused great resentment against Japanese military forces, as "dangerous documents were confiscated, 1994, Japanese scholars from the archives to find out the content of the speech, the three must be published after the Li palace. During the Japanese war criminals on trial, Prince Mikasa Takahito, because of its inherent anti war ideas and royal status has not been much affected for recovery in the last century, and in 70s the normalization process, three li palace Prince of Chongren was the first to China active operation as spy pave the way, for the final September 29, 1972 Kakuei Tanaka Zhou Enlai the same song the prime minister "in the same statement" signed, has played a positive role in promoting. It is worth mentioning that in November 1998, when the Chinese President Jiang Zemin visited Tokyo, Prince Mikasa Takahito at the Imperial Palace held a state banquet on the Japanese in the war of aggression and atrocities to apologize to Jiang Zemin said: "my conscience still makes me very sad, I want to apologize to the people Chinese." Prince Mikasa Miya engaged in post-war history research, since the "common people" to life, and can take the initiative to the identity of the first.相关的主题文章: