This year, more than 17 million 500 thousand Wei Wei Planning Commission to meet the needs of the tw-stellarium

This year, more than 17 million 500 thousand Wei Wei Planning Commission: in line with the policy of the two child is expected in November 26th, held by the China population and Development Research Center for population and development will be held in Beijing. At the meeting, Wang Peian, deputy director of the national health and Family Planning Commission said that in 2016 the national birth population will exceed 17 million 500 thousand, with a total of two child policy pre agreed. Wang Peian said that over the past year, the national health and Family Planning Commission to actively implement a comprehensive two child policy, the general extension of maternity leave, the establishment of maternity leave, etc., to encourage the birth of the policy system is based on policy. According to family planning, hospital delivery and the statistics of births and pregnancy data comprehensive analysis, 2016 born population will exceed 17 million 500 thousand, roughly equivalent to 2000 before and after the birth of population size, are consistent with the overall two child policy introduced the anticipation. Wang Peian introduction, since 2010, China’s total fertility rate (refers to the number of Chinese women during childbearing age, the average number of children per woman) between 1.54-1.64 fluctuations. The two child policy implemented for nearly a year, the cumulative growth potential release is expected to still need time, "13th Five-Year" during the total fertility rate will fluctuate in 1.8. After the cumulative effect of two children released, fertility will be stable at what level? Wang Peian believes that this also requires monitoring and observation. Renmin University of China Dean Zhai Zhenwu told reporters, accompanied by a separate two child and the two child policy have been implemented, growth potential of China’s women has accumulated twenty or thirty years will be focused on the release of. He believes that in 2017 to 2019 period, growth potential will separate two child and two child policy generated by each overlay, resulting in China’s growth ushered in a significant peak in the "13th Five-Year" period. As to the extent to which the fertility level will fall in the middle of the twenty-first Century, it remains to be seen, but it can be inferred that the total fertility rate in China may be reduced to the level of the European average fertility rate. Editor: Ni Zijian相关的主题文章: